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      Published Nov 16 2020, 12:30 PM by Matthew Hetherington

      A Mission-critical Ecosystem that Promotes Powerful Collaboration for Volatile Situations

      During my interactions with first responders, they have talked about the unpredictable and constantly changing nature of the situations in which they find themselves on a daily basis and how this requires them to adapt quickly and think on their feet.  But, even with all this experience to draw upon, I don’t think anyone was fully prepared for a pandemic such as the one we are currently experiencing.

      It seems that Covid-19 has brought a unique set of public safety challenges, which has been compounded by fewer resources, new policies to enforce and additional time needed to deal with incidents.

      As many of us have been forced to work, study and socialise on-line, cybercriminals have seized the opportunity, while extremists and terrorists are seeking ways to exploit the pandemic.  Restrictions on individual freedoms have also heightened tensions between civilians and police officers, all of which has increased the threat to the safety of your personnel.

      Dealing with such daily complexities has created a more pressing demand for rapid, reliable communication to ensure that we are all better prepared and that the communities we serve can be better protected.

      An Interconnected, Unified Platform to Underpin Tactical Decision-making and Faster Threat Assessments

      Our eco-system of mission-critical voice, video and analytics is designed to optimise situational awareness and real-time intelligence, so that the most important information can flow seamlessly throughout your operation.

      It has a modular design which offers the flexibility to choose the solutions best suited to your operations, so that you can be more prepared as situations become less predictable.

      • Body-worn cameras improve safety and accountability, helping you to capture vital evidence and record responses as situations evolve.
      • Advanced video technology keeps everyone connected and in the full picture, with facial and number plate recognition.
      • Command Centre Software simplifies the management of multiple data sources, so it is easier to connect and share information from different devices. It provides you with a single operational viewpoint from the moment an incident is detected all the way through to resolution and post-incident analysis.
      • Managed and Support Services ensure that your network and devices won’t let you down, with ongoing maintenance, help desk and cyber security services.

      Respond Effectively in the Heat of the Moment with the new MXP600 TETRA Radio

      At Motorola Solutions, we’re always thinking ahead to find ways to offer first responders greater versatility and to develop technologies that integrate intuitively and seamlessly with your daily operations. Our new MXP600 TETRA radio reinforces your communication lifeline, through its ability to interoperate with the technologies that people in the front line rely on. Designed to promote productivity and keep first responders in the field, the MXP600 is future-proofed to collaborate with other devices such as smartphones and body-worn cameras. So that you have the back-up you need to respond effectively in the heat of the moment.

      If you’d like to find out more about how your mission-critical operations can evolve to keep communities and personnel safe, join me at Motorola Solutions’ virtual stand at the digitalPMR Expo from 24-26 November. 

      You can also contact me at Events@motorolasolutions.com

      Keep connected and stay safe.



      Axel Kukuk
      Country Manager and Head of Sales Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg

      Connect With Axel on LinkedIn


      Published Nov 02 2020, 9:00 AM by Matthew Hetherington

      Whether you’re policing a local derby in a football stadium and someone’s just scored a 93rd minute winner, or you’re arriving on the scene of a major incident surrounded by wailing sirens, or the wind is howling and the rain is trickling down the back of your neck - you should be able to hear and be heard - communications should not be compromised.

      When you’re chasing a suspect through a building or across open countryside where there’s usually border line coverage, you need to know that your vital messages will get through to keep you and your colleagues safe.

      We’ve all been there, approaching the end of the shift and you’ve had to remain at a scene. As well as fighting the ground you’re faced with and the unpredictable weather conditions, is your radio tough enough and will your battery make it to the end of the shift?

      Then there’s those shifts where you get back to the station and your boss reminds you to drop your radio into the radio manager for an update. You’re tired. Hungry. You want to get home. Updating your radio shouldn’t be a chore, time consuming or costly. It should be something that just happens.

      In my 32 years’ policing, a lot has changed, especially as we started to tackle crime in a digital world on top of more traditional crime. It is amazing how fast technology moves and to keep up with the challenges facing policing, your equipment should be fit for the challenge, today and tomorrow.

      Despite these challenges, communications remain key and continue to provide our main lifeline. So whatever the situation, wherever you are, whenever the moment - the right radio, makes all the difference.

      The MXP600 is a new TETRA portable device that is designed for your daily challenges. We’ve taken time to understand what you want, what is important, and what helps you in the moments that matter. This has all been key in developing a radio that offers frontline safety, today and tomorrow.

      So despite the 93rd minute winner, sirens or wind and rain, innovative audio technology means you’ll hear and be heard - it means being able to communicate clearly and keeping you and your colleagues safe.

      Even in marginal coverage areas, you can rely on best-in-class coverage to stay connected with the control room and your colleagues.

      If you’re in muddy fields, scaling a fence or arresting a struggling suspect, the cop-proof design copes with  the physical demands of your role with batteries that outlast even those shifts where there is no end in sight.

      At the end of the shift, you can focus on getting back to whatever means the most to you outside of work. Updating your radio doesn't need to be a chore because of secure, more time efficient and cost effective ways to update your radio securely over Wi-Fi.

      With the ever changing scope of policing, you can pair your radio securely with a smartphone today for deeper interaction such as searching for talkgroups or sending status or Short Data (SDS) messages - but also prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow.

      The MXP600 gives you the confidence and ability to focus on supporting the community, efficiently and effectively, getting the job done safely.

      Want to know more?

      Register now for your place at the MXP600 Launch Webinar, at 10:00AM (GMT) on Tuesday 10 November 2020.

      Learn more about the all-new TETRA portable radio at the MXP600 Showcase

      Ian Williams

      Software Consultant

      Following over 30 years as a UK police officer in three different forces, Ian’s final role within policing was as the digital operational lead at West Yorkshire Police. During his extensive career, he specialised in public order and firearms command, demonstrating a strong and distinguished pedigree in community policing and partnerships.

      Ian is now a specialist software consultant for Europe at Motorola Solutions, working closely with customers to understand their requirements and helping the business deliver the capabilities and outcomes they’re seeking to achieve.

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