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    • The One Action that Cuts Network Outages in Half Author Graeme Casey

      Published May 03 2019, 2:18 PM by Paul Jeffs

      Eye-Opening Finding from our Inaugural LMR System Management Survey

      Land mobile radio (LMR) system management has come a long way since the days of analogue-only radios and manual support services. Maintaining today’s software-centric LMR system requires a new set of tools and expertise. This paradigm shift brings its own set of challenges, benefits, and considerations.

      To understand how LMR system management trends are evolving, we conducted an inaugural study on the way systems are managed across the globe.

      We received 120 respondents from 24 countries, representing public safety, government agencies, and enterprise organisations in a range of business- and mission-critical industries. Our research uncovered some interesting trends, especially about network monitoring.

      It is widely understood that network monitoring is crucial for a healthy LMR system and the results from our survey support this. But what was especially eye-opening is just how critical network monitoring really is. Our research reveals that organisations that monitor their systems 24x7x365 have had nearly 50 percent fewer outages in the past year than those that do not.

      And yet, networking monitoring is not a given. In fact, almost a third of survey respondents do not monitor their LMR systems 24x7x365. Like similar communication environments, LMR networks generate thousands of system alarms on a daily basis. And while leading networking monitoring software allows system managers to pinpoint critical alarms faster, these resources require a large investment in tools and staff, including a sophisticated network operations centre (NOC).

      Almost 20 percent of organisations that do not monitor their network 24x7x365 say their internal IT support staff is simply too small to provide around-the-clock service. Half cited budget constraints as the main impediment to robust monitoring.

      For both, partnering with an outside service provider can provide the necessary support. Along with delivering the skills that may be hard to hire in-house, outside providers can often offer partnerships that take smaller budgets into account with manageable monthly payments.

      You can download the full 2018 Motorola Solutions LMR System Management Benchmark Survey Report

      Check out the full survey

      We can help too. Our mission is to ensure that your LMR system works seamlessly, is safeguarded, and can adapt to new operational complexities and technology changes. Motorola Solutions offers best-in-class universal support, maintenance tools, resources and a global team of experts who have an intimate knowledge of LMR systems and associated technologies.

      Graeme Casey

      Graeme is Director Global Infrastructure Services Product Management at Motorola Solutions

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    • Do You Know the True Cost of Maintaining a Land Mobile Radio (LMR) System? Author: Graeme Casey

      Published Jun 22 2018, 11:03 AM by Paul Jeffs

      If you’re planning to invest in a Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system, or already have one in place, you want to ensure the system can support your organisation’s communication needs, both today and years down the line. As LMR systems become more IP-based, critical communication has become more powerful and more complex with integrated data applications and advanced features. Today’s mission-critical networks offer technology such as geofencing tracking and biometrics, making public safety agencies and other organisations more efficient and intelligent, but also creating new management challenges.

      To future-proof your investment and to deliver the desired performance, scalability, and cost throughout its lifecycle, it’s important to understand how to address the increasing intricacies of LMR system maintenance and management.

      In our new white paper, “The Real Costs of Operating LMR Systems,” we help you gain an accurate picture of the costs associated with effective LMR management.

      Learn more about what’s needed to:

      • Spearhead system upgrades to optimise security and performance

      • Attract, train and retain a team of skilled personnel — from subscriber technicians to networking monitoring

      • Safeguard your system from cyber-attacks and reduce risk

      • Create a Network Operations Center (NOC) to assess and remotely resolve a range of events, such as provisioning and base station issues

      • Meet public safety standards via activities such as frequency licence management and tower inspections

      TCO White Paper

      Once you have a comprehensive understanding of the total system maintenance cost, you can assess your operations to identify gaps and areas for improvement, then determine the most effective strategy for the ongoing management of your system. That strategy can help you understand which efforts can be supported in-house, which can be managed by a trusted partner, and even whether a hybrid approach that provides the best of both worlds is warranted.

      Ready to understand the true costs of your LMR system? Download our paper today.

      With a proven track record in successfully operating more than 500 LMR systems worldwide, we can help you achieve your performance targets and desired outcomes –check out www.motorolasolutions.com/services

      Graeme Casey

      Graeme is Global Service Portfolio Manager at Motorola Solutions

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