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    • Don’t-Miss Autumn Public Safety Events in the UK Author: Fergus Mayne

      Published Sep 24 2019, 8:26 AM by Paul Jeffs

      We’ve been fortunate to meet with lots of Public Safety customers at several events already this year across the UK. We’re not stopping now and there is bound to be an opportunity to catch up and see how we can help you with digital policing, command centre refresh, TETRA radio refresh, TETRA alerting solutions, video security, digital evidence management, body-worn video and more…

      Here’s a quick overview of external Public-Safety focused events where you can catch up with us this autumn:

      If you do get a chance to travel across to Germany in November we will also be at PMRExpo in Cologne 26-28 November.

      I look forward to meeting with you this autumn!



      Fergus Mayne is UK Country Manager at Motorola Solutions

      Fergus is on LinkedIn




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    • Focus on what really matters. Video Security: Six key steps for Public Safety agencies. Author: Ivan Ruiz

      Published Sep 19 2019, 4:17 PM by Paul Jeffs

      Today, video is ubiquitous. It can be recorded in city streets, at borders, in buildings, and on the devices in our pockets. While it has revolutionised the way communities deter crime and bring suspects to justice, it can also overwhelm security and crime centres. To be truly helpful, video solutions must help you focus on what really matters within your existing workflow: from the call for service call handling, to dispatch, in the field, and during post-incident data collection.

      What key steps can you take towards focusing on what really matters?

      Step 1 - Install an IP video camera system to DETER:
      The mere sight of a video camera can discourage or lessen the severity of an incident, intrusion, or act of terrorism, thereby influencing outcomes pre-incident. Avigilon cameras and sensors are equipped with advanced features and support industry standards to accommodate a wide range of installations. We can work with existing cameras too.

      Step 2 - Use self learning video analytics to DETECT AND RESPOND:
      You can’t monitor all your video all the time. Our self-learning video analytics and AI software can detect critical events 24/7/365 and is being evolved with new functionality.  Our latest video management software release (ACC7) has a key new ‘Focus of Attention’ interface. Focus of Attention determines what information is important and should be presented to the operator, ideal for security teams who need to know when an incident occurs, but can't afford to spend all their time looking at video screens where nothing happens for 99% of the time. Combined with our CommandCentral Aware software, video can be combined with voice and data to provide complete situational awareness during an active incident.

      Step 3 - Search evidence fast to INVESTIGATE:
      Video can offer both responder accountability and forensic evidence during post-incident investigations. But without the right tools, searching through volumes of video footage to find a specific person or event can be a daunting task. Our video search engine powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can quickly locate a suspect, intruder or incident.

      Step 4 - Use SELF-LEARNING VIDEO ANALYTICS to ensure meaningful alerts
      Our self-learning video analytics solutions are designed to accurately recognise the movement of people and vehicles, differentiating it from motion that is not relevant to a scene. Their ability to constantly learn helps reduce false positives and ensure meaningful alerts.

      Step 5 - Use AI to find what you’re looking for faster
      Appearance Search leverages our AI-powered video search engine to sort through hours of video with ease to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across an entire campus, border area or community.

      Step 6 - Quickly detect unusual motion
      Avigilon’s Unusual Motion Detection combs through hours of video to reveal events that may have otherwise been missed. It uses AI to continuously learn what typical activity in a scene looks like and then detect and flag unusual motion for your review.

      How can we help? Motorola Solutions has been working with public safety agencies for decades. Today, the Avigilon solution brings powerful capabilities that have been custom built to provide a seamless experience with your existing Motorola Solutions technology investments. Combining Avigilon with CommandCentral Aware creates a complete operating picture that integrates real-time video and data. Improved decision-making and measurable crime reduction is at your fingertips.

      Focus of Attention

      Want to know more? Check out our new Avigilon Video Security For Public Safety solutions page for more information or this video on the latest ACC7 analytics software release.


      Ivan is on LinkedIn

      Ivan Ruiz is Senior Director of EMEA Avigilon Business Development for Motorola Solutions

      Ivan is on LinkedIn



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