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    • Artificial Intelligence: Delivering Actionable Results Author: Alex Asnovich

      Published Mar 29 2019, 12:39 PM by Paul Jeffs

      Today, there are more cameras and recorded video than ever before. This has created a problem for security operators, who are struggling to keep pace. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that can help overcome this challenge by being able to analyse more video data than humans ever possibly could. It is designed to bring the most important events and insight to users’ attention, freeing them to do what they do best: make critical decisions and then take action.

      Faster Search & Focused Attention
      Imagine using the internet today without a search engine. You would have to search through one webpage at a time, combing through all of its contents, line by line, to hopefully find what you’re looking for. That is what most video surveillance search is like today: security operators scan hours of video from one camera at a time in the hope that they’ll find the critical event they need to investigate further.

      The ability of AI to reduce hours of work to mere minutes is especially significant when we think about the gradual decline in human attention spans, thanks to the vast amount of information we’re now bombarded with and the continual flurry of digital distractions in the form of alerts, notifications and emails.

      Delivering Actionable Results
      There’s no denying it, the role of AI in security today is transformative. AI-powered video management software is helping to decrease the amount of time spent on surveillance, making security operators more efficient and effective at their jobs. By removing the need to constantly watch video screens and automating the “detection” function of surveillance, AI technology allows operators to focus on verifying and acting on critical events.

      When integrated throughout a security system, AI technology has the potential to dramatically change security operations. Just as high-definition imaging has become a quintessential feature of today’s surveillance cameras, the tremendous value of AI technology has positioned it as a core component of security systems today, and in the future.

      Looking to the Future
      The continued evolution of video analytics and AI will provide security personnel with even more powerful tools, resulting in smarter, safer cities. Powerful new tools are being created that will allow us to modify our approach to video search to help solve critical challenges facing areas such as border and customs security, secure government facilities and energy sites. With AI, we can deliver true actionable results, real-time alerts and automation, so that we are no longer constrained by our attention spans.

      Avigilon was acquired by Motorola Solutions in March 2018. The acquisition brings advanced video surveillance and analytics to Motorola Solutions’ public safety, government and commercial customers.

      Hands-on with Avigilon
      Check out this video by my colleague Lukasz Pitera giving a practical demo of Avigilon AI in action for Public Safety:


      You can also learn more about Avigilon solutions on our website.

      Video Surveillance and Analytics

      Alex Asnovich


      Alex Asnovich is Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications, Avigilon

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