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    • PMRExpo 2018 - The Video Round-up

      Published Nov 30 2018, 3:38 PM by Paul Jeffs

      If you weren’t able to get to this week’s PMRExpo or didn’t manage to see everything, we’ve pulled together a short round-up of videos from the exhibition for you:

      Advancing the Lifeline
      Sean Fitzgerald gives an overview of the wide range of devices, solutions and services on show at this year's PMRExpo including Avigilon video surveillance and intelligence-based analysis, the widest possible range of radios and accessories from unlicensed through DMR Tier 3 to TETRA, command centre and control room solutions, services that help you protect your network and device investment, and of course our new ST7500 compact TETRA radio:



      ST7500 Compact TETRA Radio Key Features
      Stuart Longley gets hands-on with the ST7500 and shows why he believes this device is going to be popular with Public Safety officers who 'want to concentrate on the task at hand' and why it is 'a device that takes them through to the future in the next generation of TETRA':



      Avigilon Top 4 Features Demo
      Robert Koehler gives us a hands-on demo of the top four features of the Avigilon video surveillance and analytics system: Avigilon Unusual Motion Detection, Avigilon Appearance Search, Avigilon Self Learning Video Analysis, and Avigilon High Resolution Video Cameras:



      PMRExpo 2018 Highlights
      A lightning quick tour of the best of the PMRExpo exhibition:


      You can access all these videos and more on our PMRExpo 2018 YouTube Playlist

      PMRExpo 2018 on YouTube

      I hope you enjoyed this round-up.

      Paul Jeffs

      Paul Jeffs - Editor - Think Public Safety.

      Paul Jeffs is Public Safety Editorial Lead for Europe and Africa at Motorola Solutions.

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    • Design, Innovation and Quality - Editor’s Choice

      Published Aug 10 2018, 11:55 AM by Paul Jeffs

      Occasionally I get to feature some videos and news that have hit the spot with the Public Safety community as well as exemplifying our company philosophy of continuous innovation and quality in design.

      Design Award News - TETRA Pager - news is just in won that we have won a 2018 iF Design Award for the TETRA TPG2200 Pager:

      IF Design Award for TETRA Pager

      The Pager has definitely been hitting the mark as we were also awarded a 2018 Red Dot Award for the Advisor TPG2200. The award jury were impressed with their view on the product ‘Functionality, operational security, ergonomic handling – the two-way pager proves to be optimally tailored to the requirements of emergency staff.'

      The recent Critical Communications World showcased some new and updated products and we shot some really great product demos that quickly capture the idea of ‘purpose-built devices’. Here are three snippets that particularly impressed:

      In just 53 seconds, Paul Wilson takes you through a hands-on demo of the key features and functionality of the new LEX L11 Handheld LTE device including the dedicated emergency button, large push-to-talk button and extended life batteries:

      LEX L11 at CCW

      The second demo is also by Paul Wilson. Here he takes you through the latest version of the Si500 Body-Worn Video Camera, including how it can work with TETRA and ASTRO radios:
      Si500 at CCW

      Finally, here is a comprehensive run-through of the Avigilon Video Surveillance and Analytics demo at CCW. Steve Batt takes us through a live demo of high-resolution video surveillance and shows us how comprehensive video analytics can be used to ensure users see the detail they need and how advanced analytics such as 'appearance search' can search video footage for suspects and more:
      Avigilon at CCW

      I hope you enjoy watching those snippets.

      You can watch all this year’s CCW videos on our dedicated Critical Communications World 2018 playlist


      Paul Jeffs

      Paul Jeffs - Editor - Think Public Safety

      Public Safety Editorial Lead for Europe, Middle-East and Africa at Motorola Solutions.

      Follow me on LinkedIn

      Follow @MotSolsEMEA on Twitter and look out for #MSIquality

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