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Voice is simply not enough given the new landscape of threats. Protecting responders and citizens, staying ahead of crime and building safer, more resilient communities calls for the power of digital P25 technology.

It's yours with Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN). Seamless, secure, and reliable, AWIN empowers you with mission critical voice and data, while connecting you to Arkansas' local, state and federal public safety agencies. Little surprise then that 800 agents have joined to date, accessing AWIN via 27,000 radios.

• Experience 100 percent interoperability within Arkansas, as well as neighboring states
• Increase coverage with additional radio sites
• Heighten situational awareness with data, such as GPS location, text messaging, and over-the-air programming
• Expand user capacity

Whether you simply need new radios, a software upgrade or console additions, joining the network is easy and affordable. We take care of the infrastructure maintenance. You take advantage of the most efficient and cost-effective P25 system – all without the worry, complexity or expense of managing new technology.


A P25 system accelerates response by breaking down the barriers to interoperability. But what if you could do more? With Motorola Solutions Smart Public Safety Solutions, you have a force multiplier. Crime becomes predictive, situational awareness acute, response laser-like and caseloads lighter.

Predict and avert crime.
Patterns emerge when you aggregate all available data into a single, easy-to-understand view. Reveal hot spots by applying predictive analytics to crunch what used to take weeks into mere hours. Suddenly you gain a very accurate assessment of crime probability by location. Armed with this intelligence, your limited staff can zero in where they're needed most.

Respond faster, safer and smarter.
Heighten situational awareness with a richer level of real-time, contextual intelligence. From streaming videos to automatic license plate recognition and from gunshot, noise and crowd sensors to maps, social media alerts and more, your team will know what and who they're about to face – helping them change the trajectory of a moment.

Solve cases. Clear caseloads.
Forgo the labor-intensive process of gathering information. Our Smart Public Safety Solutions can expedite investigations by automatically bringing all the relevant information together faster. Moreover, it serves it up to your investigators in an easy-to-grasp manner.

Focus on the mission, not the technology

With ever-changing technology comes greater complexity, requiring skills that could currently be beyond the skillset of your communications personnel. Don't let limitations leave your mission critical network vulnerable. Ensure peak performance and maximum value with our team of specialists.

Network Integration

Lifecycle Management

Managed Services

Support Services

Are you aware that Motorola Solutions goes well beyond radios?

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Arkansas is committed to integrating next generation communications technology into existing and future communications systems.

Short term:

The state is upgrading the existing statewide 7/800 MHz voice communications system.

Long term:

Arkansas is preparing for FIRSTNET, the planned National Public Safety Broadband Network dedicated to public safety.


When Arkansans families are in danger because of fires or natural disasters or when a firefighter is trapped in a burning building, the ability to get immediate help is critical. The seamless interoperability and real-time location features of Motorola Solutions P25 digital technology can mean the difference between life and death.


The number of active shooter events in the U.S. has tripled over the last decade. There have been 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook in December 2012.* In order to properly protect and serve, police force technology must deliver more than it has in the past. Motorola Solutions applications and enhancers like text messaging, over-the-air programming and GPS locations services can keep police forces one step ahead of criminals.
*U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Federal Law Enforcement

When keeping citizens safe, success can often depend on interoperable communications with state and local agencies so that responders can transform information into insight, insight into action and action to safety. Motorola Solutions mission-critical portable radios deliver the highest levels of interoperability, best-in-class audio and intuitive performance. Our nation's federal agencies continue to trust Motorola Solutions P25 radios to get the job done and protect our great land.

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Matt Davis
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Get An A+ In School Safety

If you’re like most educators, safety is a top priority, given the escalating violence and severe weather. With Motorola Solutions, you’re ready. Discover two powerful ways you can better prepare for what tests schools the most.


This compact, rugged, mobile radio provides an extra large and dedicated push button, colored orange for easy visibility, to directly alert the local police dispatcher.

Simple, easy to use control head: Designed specifically for school safety emergency alert to public safety dispatcher.

Multi-function knob becomes a large, orange colored emergency button: Emergency alarm is sent to a 911 dispatcher. School radio is uniquely identified and dispatch sends first responder to the location of that radio.

Built-in speaker

Fixed volume: Alleviates the mistake of turning off volume.

One talk group: Alleviates the mistake of changing to non-emergency talk group.

Hot microphone feature: Open microphone allows sounds to be heard by public safety dispatcher.

Can utilize existing ASTRO "alert" protocol.

Can utilize an external ignition sense type switch to ensure the radio remains on at all times that the school has power.

Allows for an external accessory for emergency calls, along with a gooseneck microphone.



If your school is like most, you have only one method to contact police, with a local phone call. While calling 9-1-1 can give the authorities your school’s location, it doesn’t notify them of the location of the incident or crucial second-by-second details. And your school’s two-way radio system is incompatible with those of public safety agencies, forcing you to rely on third parties to relay critical information – until now. Using SchoolSAFE, you can directly relay time-sensitive information to first responders while they’re still in route. Now, they will arrive equipped and ready to control the situation and respond faster, safer, smarter.

The ABCs of SchoolSAFE:

  • Licensed frequencies, the foundation for mission critical communication
  • Technology towers and a master site controller
  • Administration and user interface software to manage the network
  • Best practice know-how to form safety teams
  • SchoolSAFE Communications Curriculum
  • Model 360 Sustainability (hardware, software and training maintenance)
  • Certification for the district and school site involving public safety agents, superintendent, and your SchoolSAFE Channel Partner

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Remain at the forefront of safety technology

Motorola Solutions does not stop innovating to equip your first responders with the latest in safety technology to help them protect themselves and those they serve. Here, you will find every connecting element you need to ensure seamless interoperability: mission critical mobile and portable radios, dispatch equipment and PremierOne, the unified platform that provides a single, real-time operational view. These products are available on the Multi-Agency Radio Communication System (MARCS). For additional information, please contact your Motorola Solutions sales representative.


Empower your utility to meet escalating demands

Your community expects you to be ready, capable and equipped for power outages, natural disasters, tornadoes, ice storms and animal damage to the electric grid. Meeting these expectations requires reliable communications and efficient collaboration between all operations, and all devices, at all times. Is your current communication solution up for the challenge? Maximize your potential.

Access a million dollar network without the huge cost

When it comes to a communication solution that withstands rural locations and dangerous weather, look to leverage your state’s long standing partnership with Motorola Solutions. Connect your utility crews across the statewide P25 network for safe, fast, and reliable interoperable communications - all without breaking the bank. Download the case study.

Discover utility communications without boundaries

When it comes to speed - nothing is faster than PTT. With Unified Team Communications, you can take the communications of your utility operations further, diminish the main cause of workplace failures, and increase the safety of your workers in the moments that matter most. Communicate instantly, across any device, across any network, and with added intelligence, all at your fingertips.

Unlock intelligence across your entire utility organization

With the Industrial Internet of Things your utility can realize the limitless possibilities available when you connect equipment, infrastructure and people, and leverage these connections across secure reliable and expandable networks. Industrial IoT gives you not only the power to enhance productivity, but also the insight to increase safety. Explore IIoT from Motorola Solutions.

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