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Commercial Solutions for Classified Program


For over 90 years, Motorola Solutions has been a leading innovator of mission critical technologies and a trusted advisor to the US government. Today, we proudly serve the DoD, DoS, DoJ, DHS and other sensitive US government agencies, helping them to be their best in the moments that matter.

In recent decades, we have designed and manufactured over 50 technologies that have achieved Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) certifications and delivered a breadth of engineered solutions certified to handle classified information at the SECRET (S) and TOP SECRET (TS) levels.

Today, we deliver a range of solutions for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid IT environments. We empower teams to make better informed decisions with the support of data analytics and artificial intelligence; improve processes with self-learning, automation, and orchestration; unify communications capabilities across multiple networks, and secure sensitive data at-rest and in-transit.



Motorola Solutions is an active member of the Cryptographic Module User Forum (CMUF) and our Secure Products Group works within a Secure Design Center to deliver high assurance cryptographic solutions for data-in-transit, validated to FIPS 140-2 levels 1 through 3.

Recently we delivered a Secure Mobile Environment that meets all defined DAR requirements in the most recent NSA CSS Capabilities Package and the Protection Profile for Mobile Device Fundamentals (MDFPP). Then it goes further. This rugged, LTE smart device is built to military drop and shock standards and pairs the best-in-class voice and audio capabilities of our mission critical radios with smart device functionality so teams can use their latest applications, send and receive multimedia, and instantly connect with dedicated push-to-talk functionality. It also contains features that are novel enough to merit an NSA Innovations BAA to study the technology’s ability to strongly separate multiple personas or security levels on-device, while resisting forensics.

Additionally, we have leveraged LEX L11’s secure architecture to deliver a mobile device capable of providing access to Non-secure Internet Protocol (IP) Router Network (NIPRNet) and Secret Internet Protocol (IP) Router Network (SIPRNet) with Redwall Modes designed specifically to the NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program standards.


Motorola Solutions is building a security ecosystem using a Motorola Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) combined with a cryptographic platform that provides APIs to support Data-At-Rest and Data-In-Transit encryption, authentication and authorization in alignment with Zero Trust Architectures. 

The cryptographic platform supports FIPS 140-2 modules validated from level 1 in software up to level 3 with hardware in a range of form factors and interfaces, for example MSI has hardware security modules (HSMs) in MicroSD and USB form factors  

The ecosystem supports a range of APIs from the Java Cryptographic Architecture to PKCS #11 with different operating systems. It’s also vendor agnostic, allowing both Motorola Solutions and 3rd party applications to use the APIs including the use of the Motorola PKI infrastructure. Additionally, Motorola PKI can support integration with a customer PKI to allow alignment with existing infrastructure.

The combination of the credential management, key management and FIPS validated modules at the edge provides an end-to-end solution to help customers meet their Zero Trust architectural requirements with a CSfC Trusted Integrator like Motorola Solutions.



As a CSfC Trusted Integrator, we have specialized in the deployment of interoperable mission critical communications across new and legacy technology systems, secure mobile environments for information collaboration, and 5G solutions for various US Government classified programs. We’ve spearheaded classified radio deployments, designed macro level networks to segment data domains into enclaves, delivered IPSec VPN networks using high assurance cryptographic solutions, configured green and black networks, and much more. 

What makes us stand out among other System Integrators? Our expansive technology portfolio together with a rapidly growing integration, managed, and cybersecurity services practice. 

Our cybersecurity capabilities include a dedicated Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC). As a 3PAO accredited company, our engineered solutions can address all 7 pillars of DISA’s Zero Trust Architecture. Our worldwide reach and OCONUS secure depots allows us to support  communications networks and enterprise systems, globally.



At Motorola Solutions, our people and processes are at the forefront of mission critical technology innovation. Our engineering teams solve high-requirement, complex technological challenges  that work reliably in demanding environments. They consistently push the limits of current technology to make new capabilities a reality. Our mission critical software development employs an agile methodology in alignment with our customers’ DevSecOps models. Plus, our customer service teams are there when disasters strike, working hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure minimal disruption and a fast recovery. This dynamic team-based environment helps break down typical silos, so everyone feels a sense of accountability and works collaboratively until the job has been done right.

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