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Retail Communication Solutions


Download this brief to appreciate how voice and data communications can transform the shopping experience.

With an ever increasing shift towards online shopping and the rise of using shops just for research and browsing, retail stores have to rethink the bricks and mortar service they give customers.

The key is to give them the experience they want – deep product knowledge, efficient stock checking and rapid check out in a welcoming environment. Staff from shop floor to stock room need to be connected in real time with unified voice and data communications to respond quickly to customer needs. Combining the benefits of technology with strong personal interaction inspires customer loyalty.

STAY IN TOUCH: Enhanced radio coverage connects workers across your stores.

COMMUNICATE CLEARLY: Intelligent Audio keeps teams talking even in the noisiest of shops.

TALK EFFORTLESSLY: PTT (Push-To-Talk) allows instant voice communications at the touch of a button.

STAY THE DISTANCE: Long battery life lasts extended shifts and boosts efficiency.

KEEP SAFE: Man Down and Location Tracking allows you to respond to staff accidents when they can't.

CONNECT EVERYONE: Team Communications with WAVE™ Work Group Communications connects any device, any network, any application.