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Combining push-to-talk and broadband applications in the vehicle or control room

MXM7000 is a secure mobile solution for mission-critical TETRA and LTE broadband voice and data communications. It can run applications for enhanced workforce productivity and become a broadband hotspot for tethering a range of devices.
MXM7000 is easy to deploy and manage. Programming and software updates are streamlined with Over-The-Air Updates available over Wi-Fi.


Mission-Critical TETRA

LTE broadband voice and data

Runs Android applications

Supports MTM5000 series accessories

Wi-Fi and Ethernet tethering

Bluetooth 5.1


Wi-Fi Over-The-Air Updates


Converged mobile solution

The MXM7000 is a fully-featured mission-critical mobile solution with TETRA and LTE broadband voice and data communications.

Instead of different solutions for LMR and LTE, you need only install one LTE control head and the connected MTM5500 TETRA transceiver. By having one interface for TETRA and LTE, the MXM7000 helps mobile teams to focus on the task at hand. The MXM7000 can also be configured as a desk-mounted solution.

Mission-critical voice communications

MXM7000 provides users with reliable TETRA coverage for voice and data.

To help keep other users connected, Direct Mode Operation (DMO) repeater functionality acts as a bridge between users who are out of range of each other, but in range of the MXM7000. Gateway functionality enables users to access your TETRA network, via the MXM7000, when the MXM7000 is connected to the network. The MXM7000 can also provide PTT over LTE broadband WAVE PTX™.

LTE voice and data capabilities

The MXM7000 provides broadband voice and data capabilities via 4G LTE, and the ability to run Android applications.

The MXM7000 also enables Wi-Fi tethering that turns the vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Tethering laptops, tablets, body-worn and vehicle video cameras and other equipment to the Wi-Fi hotspot connects them to LTE, using the MXM7000 as a modem, enabling information sharing and live streaming. The MXM7000 also enables Ethernet tethering.

Easy to use

Being a single converged solution, users need just one screen for voice and data, enabling them to better focus on the task at hand. The rugged MXM7000 is easy to use and operate - the controls and touch screen support use with gloves.

Having the same connector interfaces as MTM5000 series TETRA mobile radios makes the MXM7000 backwards compatible with your existing MTM5000 series audio accessories.

Simple to deploy and manage

The MXM7000 makes use of industry standard connector interfaces, such as USB-A 2.0/3.0 and RJ45 to reduce cabling complexity. It also uses the same Integrated Terminal Management (iTM) tool as other TETRA radios from Motorola Solutions for fast and easy programming of your fleet.

Radio managers can take advantage of the Wi-Fi connectivity options for updates as soon as the MXM7000 is in range of its assigned Wi-Fi, instead of having to physically update each mobile device.


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MXM7000 Customer Presentation

MXM7000 Customer Presentation

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MXM7000 brochure

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