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2A Shafik Mansour St., Zamalek, Cairo - Egypt


Systel delivers the levels of network security and resilience that have only been available to large government customers.

Mission Statement

As a leading provider of mission and business critical information and communication solutions, we have the experience and expertise to deliver levels of network security and resilience that have only been available to large government customers

Company Information

In 1983, Systel was founded and is the sole official sales and services distributor for Motorola radio network in Egypt. The company started business by selling two-way radio networks, serving a wide range government and commercial entities.

Main business is focused on selling, distributing, and maintaining Motorola radio produces. Systel has been successful in securing the traditional Motorola systems business for broad range of customer categories.

Sales Contact:
T: +202-27351222
T: +202-27355556
T: +202-27355252

Applications Available from Systel

  • TRIM

    Getting the right information quickly is essential when responding to a public safety or commercial crisis. Based on efficient TETRA technology, TRIM (TETRA Radio Interface Module) communicates with radios in the field to generate alarms or capture serial data.

  • CANVIEW Application Solution

    Being able to manage your fleet of vehicles from anywhere can really enhance your efficiency. Systel CANView integrates all of the sensors from the CAN (Controller Area Network) car bus interface via a compact computerized module connected to a TETRA radio device.

  • TETRA Remote Alarm & Control Unit

    Monitor and control from a control room computer as well as from radios on the ground.

  • SSIC Smart Serial Interface Cable

    Quickly and easily check stock with the SSIC. The Smart Serial Interface cable interfaces between Motorola TETRA portables and barcode readers, allowing barcode information to be sent to one or more destinations including back-end stock management systems.

  • TETRA Interactive Display

    Tetra Interactive Display (TID) offers full control of a TETRA radio and is a straight forward, user friendly product that can be utilized for customer needs from firefighting vehicles to search and rescue parties.

  • Geographical Dynamic Regrouping & Monitoring System

    The Standalone Dynamic Regrouping is a simple dispatching solution enabling dispatchers to have full control of radio fleets based on their geographical location.

  • TETRA Voice Logger & Archiving System

    TETRA Seamless Voice Logger and Dispatcher System assists organizations to effectively manage their communications over TETRA wireless network. It is a seamless system that works independently from the TETRA network core. In other words, unlike other TETRA recording solutions, “TETRA Seamless Voice Logger and Dispatcher System” doesn’t need a physical connection to TETRA network core.