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TETRA Voice Logger & Archiving System

Recording, archiving, searching and replaying your important radio communications

TETRA Seamless Voice Logger and Dispatcher System assists organizations to effectively manage their communications over TETRA wireless network. It is a seamless system that works independently from the TETRA network core. In other words, unlike other TETRA recording solutions, “TETRA Seamless Voice Logger and Dispatcher System” doesn’t need a physical connection to TETRA network core.


Systel TETRA Voice Logger is a compact, reliable and entirely self-contained system for recording, archiving, searching and replaying radio communications. An effective way of logging and organising important information.

Recording and storing important radio communications for later use enhances your efficiency and helps you track events. Systel TETRA Voice Logger is the first remote recording system that can work without direct connection to the TETRA system core network. It’s a reliable way of safely storing radio communications for future needs.

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Fast and Easy Access. Live monitor allows you to search and replay calls from the built-in search tool and audio player.

Simple Graphical User Interface and Navigation. Your solution can be managed via three taps (Monitor, Aliases and Back up). Call replay buttons (play, next, previous, stop and continuous play) are also included. 

Long Term Storage & Archiving. Store up to 10,200 hours of 88 kbps clear audio onboard. Automatically archive calls at pre-set intervals to CD/DVD media. Optional Blu-Ray archiving provides ultra-high capacity storage.

Reliability. Built-in events and alarms logger makes it easy to track your radio’s event history. 

Easier to Manage. Assign aliases for your radio ID’s and talkgroups then manage and search messages using those aliases.

• Stand alone system with no direct connection required to the Dimetra system.

• Efficient message recording and management with recording triggered by message activation - each message is saved in a separate (.wav) file which is playable on most operating systems and indexed with calling radio ID, talkgroup, message duration, message time and date.

• Powerful message filtering and search tools enable user to filter messages by talkgroup (single or range), talkgroup alias (if assigned), radio ID (single or range), radio alias (if assigned), message duration, message time and date.

• Recording is message activated so recording starts with the message setup signaling and stops with the message terminate signaling.

• Supports both Trunk and Direct modes.

Requires TETRA network coverage (for trunk mode). Compatible with Dimetra IP Scalable.

Field Radio Requirements of Systel TETRA Voice Logger – applicable for all Motorola TETRA radios.

Control Room Radio Requirements of Systel TETRA Voice Logger – applicable for Motorola MTM800E TETRA radio - dedicated for each talkgroup to be recorded.