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Control, monitor & data capture system

Getting the right information quickly is essential when responding to a public safety or commercial crisis. Based on efficient TETRA technology, TRIM (TETRA Radio Interface Module) communicates with radios in the field to generate alarms or capture serial data.


Systel TRIM is the first stand-alone module capable of interfacing Motorola TETRA radios with external environments, digital I/Os and serial data communications. An effective control monitoring and data capture solution that’s fast and reliable.

Reliable Communications. The TRIM interface communicates with portable and mobile TETRA radios and instructs them to send SDSs corresponding to I/O configurations.

Designed for Versatility. TRIM is available in two versions for General I/O or Serial Communication. With an unlimited number of I/Os and OTA (Over the Air) configuration capabilities, the box can be used as a part of an alarm and control system or as a data capturing device, which can be connected to a bar code scanner or other serial scanners.

Lightweight and Durable. The box is lightweight but heat and shock resistant for heavy duty use.

TRIM Alarm App. This simple application allows users to view incoming alarms from the TRIM module.

• Compact, weather-resistant box (9cm X 6cm X 3cm).

• Supports up to 256 alarm and control (input/output) dry contacts.

• All I/Os can be configured as N.O. (Normally Opened) or N.C. (Normally Closed) switches.

• Alarm messages can be sent several times and to several destinations.

• All configurations can be done over the air (OTA) via remote programming.

• Three LEDs provide visual information on the status of the TRIM.

• All alarms are stored in a database for historical purposes.

• Location of alarms shown on a building plan or Google Earth.

• Alarms must be acknowledged by user sending a confirmation to the TRIM box – shows time difference between received alarm and acknowledgment.

Requires TETRA network coverage, portable or mobile radio and TRIM box.