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CANVIEW Application Solution

Remote diagnostic, tracking & monitoring of vehicles

Being able to manage your fleet of vehicles from anywhere can really enhance your efficiency. Systel CANView integrates all of the sensors from the CAN (Controller Area Network) car bus interface via a compact computerized module connected to a TETRA radio device.


Systel CANView Application is a solution for the remote diagnostic, tracking and monitoring of vehicles using a TETRA radio. An easy way to monitor and control vehicles remotely from anywhere.

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Easy Retrieval of Data. The compact TRIM-S (TETRA Radio Interface Module) is integrated with the CAN car module to retrieve data, location and alarms generated from a car computer system.

Graphical Display. Data including vehicle speed, engine RPM, temperature and fuel level is graphically displayed in the application software. All of the sensors and vehicle location are graphically plotted in the application software, giving operators the ability to track and monitor the vehicle remotely.

Tracks Location. Monitor and track vehicle location through Google Earth maps from the application software.

In Vehicle Monitoring. Access and monitor data in the vehicle from the

• Retrieves data, location and alarms from the car computer.

• Graphically displays data in the application software. 

• Allows tracking and monitoring of the vehicle through Google Earth maps.

• Enables in vehicle and remote monitoring.

Requires TETRA network coverage, portable and mobile radios and Controller Area Network (CAN) car bus interface. Compatible with Dimetra IP Scalable.

Radio Requirements of Systel CANView Application – applicable for Motorola MTM800, MTM800E and MTM5400 TETRA radios.