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Geographical Dynamic Regrouping & Monitoring System

Keep field teams informed

The Standalone Dynamic Regrouping is a simple dispatching solution enabling dispatchers to have full control of radio fleets based on their geographical location.


The Systel stand-alone Dynamic Regrouping and Monitoring System is a dispatching solution providing full control over any system requiring dispatcher access of multiple radios. An effective solution that gives operators the ability to make faster decisions.

Being able to mobilise field teams and keep them informed with the most up to date information is essential in any public safety or commercial situation. This stand-alone software application allows operators to interconnect devices by reassigning radios to other talkgroups, retrieve information and location at any time and monitor contacts.

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• Full Control. The operator has full control over any system requiring dispatcher access of multiple radios based on geographical locations.

• Works with TETRA. A miniature module connects to a TETRA radio allowing the software to access many features from the radio remotely.

• Monitor Talkgroups. Dispatchers can access all of the talkgroups on each individual radio separately and add them to a list of talkgroups. By dragging and dropping radios from Google Earth maps via the software to the appropriate talkgroup, the operator can communicate with devices in this talkgroup through Push-To-Talk.

• Edit Contacts. Operators can add, delete or modify any contact from a selected radio device remotely through the software and view all technical information for that device.

• Communicate with devices in a talkgroup through Push-To-Talk.

• Regroup radios based on current location.

• Retrieve all information and location at any time upon request.

• Add, edit and remove contacts.

• Works with Motorola radios.

Requires Tetra network coverage, Motorola mobile radio and a PC with Windows OS (XP/VISTA/Windows 7), .NET framework 2.0, Serial/USB Port Connection and Internet Connection. Remote SDS Control Feature added to the TETRA radios required to control the application. Compatible with Dimetra IP Scalable.

Radio Requirements of Systel TRIM systems.