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TETRA Remote Alarm & Control Unit

Indoor/outdoor TETRA Alarm & Control Unit

Monitor and control from a control room computer as well as from radios on the ground.


This application manages and translates received alarms and displays the alarm source, type, time, date, and any other relevant information. The triggered alarm location is also plotted on the building plan or on Google Maps, Alarm acknowledgement is sent back to the RTU to ensure a response. All alarms are stored in a database for historical retrievals.

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Supported Languages

• Increased security using existing TETRA system.

• High reliability.

• The Remote Terminal Unit can be integrated with any existing alarm system.

• Two versions available for both indoor and outdoor application.

• Large no. of separate inputs can be programmed as Normally Open or Normally Closed and can be sent to separate destination.

• Alarm sending will be stopped as soon as acknowledgment is received.

• Monitor and control from a control room computer.

• Monitor and control from radios on the ground.

• Power redundancy using a backup battery for power supply in case of AC failure.

• Operation in harsh environments and indoor use.

• The programmed destinations can be configured remotely Over the Air “OTA”.

Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility

  • Any Motorola TETRA mobile radio.

Computer Hardware/ Operating Systems

  • Windows Operating System desktop will be provided to run the application.

IP Technology

  • Not required, but supports HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, REST API, XML, JSON.
  • Compatible with IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus and Connect Plus.