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What is the Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System?

Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System (ISICS) is Iowa’s statewide P25 standard digital communications network. It creates unprecedented connectivity for public safety agencies, first responders and schools, as well as providers of public services like power and utilities, public health, and emergency management. As a state-of-the-art wireless digital communications platform, ISICS puts heightened safety and effectiveness at the forefront, delivering seamless interoperability, secure, reliable communications and cutting-edge voice and data capabilities.

Secure Operability & Interoperability

Encrypted, full featured mobile coverage baseline across the entire State of Iowa with enhanced portable coverage in densely populated area. System allows local agencies to utilize and realize cost benefits from using existing infrastructure as well as easily add additional infrastructure as needed to meet agency specific portable radio coverage requirements. State-wide and seamless interoperability is possible with agencies currently utilizing the system.

Meet And Exceed Your Critical Requirements

Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)

Allows for the most efficient allocation of frequency resources by splitting channels into time slots and allowing more users to operate on the same channel without interference.

Geo-redundant Cores

Ensure communications are never lost with a strategically-located redundant core.

Over-the-air Rekeying (OTAR)

Allows for changing of radio encryption keys over the air.

Over-the-air Programming (OTAP)

Sends updates to radios over the air, so users do not have to bring their radios in for manual service, saving time and protecting productivity.

Local Control

The system is designed to encompass separate talk groups, assuring total security and local control of administration and operations to each user agency.




statewide mobile coverage


towers throughout Iowa


users fees

Duty Runs Deep

We make it our business to support first responders in their moment of need. When duty calls, public safety is first to respond and fearlessly protect and serve. We recognize your sacrifice and honor your courage. We're keeping our promise of helping making people better in the moments that matter.



Record-After-the-Fact technology from Watchguard, a Motorola Solutions company, allows agencies to capture video from in-car and body-worn cameras, even days after an event. See how this technology delivered the truth to clear 3 Des Moines officers in a fatal shooting.


ISICS will enable transparent interoperability between statewide and local agencies, with none of the limitations imposed by system-to-system gateways.

  • Seamless, full-featured interoperability.
  • Statewide roaming and interoperability for all ISICS system users.

What are the Benefits?

Managed Network

ISICS is a managed solution with enhanced levels of services that allow you to focus, not on how the communications network works or on keeping it running, but on your core competencies of delivering constituent services.



ISICS has been designed to prevent equipment failures from affecting system performance. Individual system components are either fault tolerant or designed for redundancy, ensuring that communications will be continuous, most importantly in mission-critical emergency situations.



ISICS communities have real-time communications with each department, enabling life-saving coordination of operations and emergency response. They can also communicate and coordinate with neighboring agencies for support and response assistance without having to worry about technology compatibility.

Statewide Coverage

Statewide Coverage

The ISICS network will host over 85 sites and provide 95 percent mobile coverage across Iowa. Roaming is seamless, with users able to go anywhere and talk to anyone, no matter where they are in the state. These sites will provide portable and in many cases in-building coverage that local agencies can start to use as the backbone of their land mobile radio system requirements.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

Text messaging, Over-the-air Programming, GPS Location and encryption are all supported on ISICS to provide your users with the critical information they need in the moments that matter.



ISICS provides an immediate, affordable means of providing the public safety and public service solutions every municipality, county and government agency in Iowa needs. By sharing a common statewide infrastructure with other agencies, you avoid millions of dollars in network implementation costs. Deployment costs are minimal, and as an ISICS member, you can take advantage of pre-negotiated contracts to purchase radios and other equipment you may need at significantly lower prices.

Local Control

Local Control

Becoming an ISICS member doesn't mean your control over your system will be compromised. The system is designed to encompass separate talk groups so each user agency is assured of local control and total security. How you want to administer and operate your services is entirely up to you. Motorola Solutions will also work closely with each subscriber to ensure the system will meet your agency's specialized communication needs.

Spectrum Efficiency

Spectrum Efficiency

Because radio frequency spectrum is a valuable and limited resource, Motorola Solutions has designed the ISICS system's frequency plan to take maximum advantage of the 700 and 800 MHz frequencies available to public safety agencies.

Consistent Audio Quality

Consistent Audio Quality

ISICS uses Motorola Solutions ASTRO 25 digital two-way radios that consistently deliver exceptional signal integrity for clear, easy-to-understand audio, even at the edges of your coverage area.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

ISICS is designed to provide the communications privacy and security capabilities needed by public safety agencies through the use of enhanced encryption technologies.

Flexible Migration

Flexible Migration

A critical component of ISICS is technological flexibility, with the goal of never inhibiting first responders from performing quickly and efficiently because of aging communications technology. The system includes continuous technology upgrades and a planned migration path for incorporating future technological advances.

Round-the-clock Support

Round-the-clock Support

Motorola Solutions leverages our network, equipment knowledge and radio expertise and leadership to provide 24x7, 365-day support to ensure mission-critical availability.

How to Join ISICS

  1. To apply, send a letter of intent addressed to the chair of Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System Board (ISICSB) from a governing body.
  2. ISICSB chair provides letter of intent to user group committee for review.
  3. Upon approval by the user group committee, the application is presented to ISICSB members for final approval.
  4. ISICSB members vote on approving entity to join system based on committee results.
  5. A welcome letter signed by the ISICSB will be sent to the governing body from whom the letter came, including details of programming radios into the network and technical aspects will be referred to the vendor where the radio was purchased.

Remain at the forefront of safety technology

Motorola Solutions does not stop innovating to equip your first responders with the latest in safety technology to help them protect themselves and those they serve. Here, you will find every connecting element you need to ensure seamless interoperability: mission critical mobile and portable radios, dispatch equipment and PremierOne, the unified platform that provides a single, real-time operational view. These products are available on the ISICS Platform.

For additional information, please contact your Motorola Solutions sales representative.

Portable Radios

APX™ 4000 P25 Portable Radio

Durable and compact with key features in an easy to use design, the APX 4000 is ideal for agencies requiring a budget friendly P25 Phase 2 solution.

APX™ 6000 P25 Enhanced Portable Radio

The enhanced APX 6000 P25 single-band portable radio supports WiFi®, Adaptive Audio Engine, and Bluetooth® 4.0, while continuing to deliver trusted performance.

APX™ 6000XE P25 Enhanced Portable Radio

The enhanced APX 6000XE P25 single-band portable radio supports WiFi, Adaptive Audio Engine, and Bluetooth® 4.0, while continuing to deliver trusted performance in an extreme form factor.

APX™ 8000 All-Band P25 Portable Radio

Achieve unlimited mobility with the APX 8000’s all-band access, the clearest audio and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity.

APX™ 8000XE All-Band Portable Radio

Redefining mission critical communications by delivering an extreme radio that combines unlimited mobility, loud audio and secure WiFi connectivity.

Motorola Solutions APX Series P25 Two-way Radios

All-band smart radio, designed to support application services

Mobile Radios

APX 1500 Single-Band P25 Mobile Radio

Durable and compact with quality P25 features in an easy to use design, the APX 1500 is ideal for local government and public works users that require a budget friendly P25 Phase 2 solution.

APX 4500 P25 Mobile Radio

Compact, easy-to-install dash mount design with basic features. Ideal for agencies requiring a budget-friendly P25 mobile solution.

APX™ 8500 All-band P25 Mobile Radio

Achieve unlimited interoperability, secure WiFi connectivity and purpose-built design to enable ease of installation and removal with the APX 8500.

Radio Accessories

Extend the power and reliability of your APX radios with the only accessories tested and certified for use with APX radios.

LTE Devices


The LEX L11 Mission Critical LTE device delivers intelligent data over Public Safety and Commercial LTE Networks on a ruggedized and purpose built device.

VML750 LTE Vehicle Modem

This product has been discontinued.

Dispatch Consoles and Equipment

MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Console

Make your Dispatch Center an information pipeline, on which first responders can rely for the relevant, real-time intelligence they need with the Project 25 (P25) standard-based MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Console.

MCC 7500 IP Logging Recorder

A fully integrated and certified IP radio recording and replay solution for a Motorola Solutions ASTRO ® 25 network.

APX™ 7500 Multiband Consolette

ASTRO® 25 desktop dispatch solution equipped with multiband interoperability and P25 Phase 2 TDMA technology.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Software

PremierOne Computer-Aided Dispatch Software

PremierOne Computer-Aided Dispatch Software

Spillman Flex(R) CAD

Stay Connected With Responders Through Integrated Dispatch Software

WAVE Work Group Communications

Unified communications between your devices and networks. Connect your disparate networks to WAVE's PTT platform, so you can communicate between smartphones, radios, computers or landlines.

PremierOne Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Streamline your workflows with a multimedia, NG9-1-1 ready system that transforms your operations with powerful and innovative functionality.


Provide and share secure access to information about people, property and vehicles with a solutions optimized for low-bandwidth environments.


Reduce operational complexity and streamline your booking and detention process with automated workflows and improved information sharing.


Accurately capture and secure all your records data into a single repository for advanced information sharing, powerful efficiencies and unsurpassed security.

PremierOne Public Safety Applications Suite

One real-time operational view lets you respond with confidence. The PremierOne platform and applications – CAD, Mobile, Handheld, Records and Jail – transform the way your agency operates, collaborates and shares information to help maximize first responder and citizen safety..


CrimeReports helps law enforcement agencies promote two-way dialogue with their community,and improve public and media perception by proactively sharing local crime information and visibility to agency operations. Transparent and timely communication increases public confidence and reduces the need to fulfill individual information requests―saving your agency time and money.

Get An A+ In School Safety

99% of educators say creating a safe, secure environment for students and staff is their most important priority.

64% of staff communications are currently “somewhat prepared” for an emergency.

If you’re like most educators, safety is a top priority, given the escalating violence and severe weather. With Motorola, you’re ready. Discover two powerful ways you can better prepare for what tests schools the most.


This compact, rugged, mobile radio provides an extra large and dedicated push button, colored orange for easy visibility to directly alert the local police dispatcher.

  • Simple, easy to use control head
  • Multi-function knob becomes a large, orange
  • Colored emergency button
  • Built-in speaker
  • Fixed volume
  • One talk group
  • Hot microphone feature
  • Can utilize existing ASTRO "alert" protocol
  • Can utilize an external ignition sense type switch
  • Allows for an external accessory



If your school is like most, you have only one method to contact police, with a local phone call. While calling 9-1-1 can give the authorities your school’s location, it doesn’t notify them of the location of the incident or crucial second-by-second details. And your school’s two-way radio system is incompatible with those of public safety agencies, forcing you to rely on third parties to relay critical information – until now. Using SchoolSAFE, you can directly relay time-sensitive information to first responders while they’re still in route. Now, they will arrive equipped and ready to control the situation and respond faster, safer, smarter.

The ABCs of SchoolSAFE

When every second counts, school safe gives you the control to feel safe when it's needed the most.

Have the ability to customize your SchoolSafe system to fit all protocols and procedures.

Getting first responders and school officials to instantly connect with emergency response teams.


Realize seamless interoperability now.

Take advantage of Iowa's state-of-the art P25 public safety radio system, and simplify your network management while getting access to advanced voice and data radio features!

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