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Private LTE is a network that is run specifically for the benefit of an organization, such as a utility, factory or police department. Only authorized users of that organization have access to the network. The organization decides where there will be coverage, how the network will perform, who has access and priority. This is in contrast to a public LTE network, which would be run for the benefit of anyone willing to pay the monthly fee, like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. With the FCC’s recent ruling on rebanding and the 900MHz spectrum, Private LTE can transform your communications and connect you and your teams like never before.

What does Private LTE offer?

Private LTE offers the data speeds, technical flexibility, signal prioritization, and security necessary for the multitude of endpoints and smarter utility applications. The enormous utility data generated today and, in the future, makes LTE the most economical network to offer flexibility, scalability and resiliency. Private LTE is the most robust wireless solution with security built in for mission critical infrastructure.

How do utilities use Private LTE with 900 MHz frequency?

Many utilities use 900 MHz currently for voice and narrowband data for land mobile radio communications, 900 MHz broadband for critical wide area, long-range data communications, and CBRS for ultra-fast coverage of smaller areas like substations, storage yards and office spaces. With new spectrum becoming available for utilities, the opportunity for more robust data communication can now include video, sensors, analytics and more.

Who will be able to use Private LTE with 900 MHz?

On May 13, 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) Realignment Rules to repurpose the 900 MHz spectrum band for uses by utility and enterprise private networks. This broadband spectrum is the ideal workhorse of the invisible infrastructure underlying utility applications of all types, not only for protection of critical infrastructure, but also for smart grid systems and other Smart Community applications. Motorola Solutions’ LXN 7900 Fixed LTE 900 MHz Infrastructure is a fixed LTE broadband infrastructure solution for organizations looking to establish a dedicated private broadband network. It provides the high security, high resiliency and low latency required to quickly and securely process information to enable effective mission-critical operations.

Part 90 Subpart Z Users

The FCC is requiring Part 90 Subpart Z users (in the 3650-3700 MHz band) to transition to Part 96 (CBRS), starting in October 2020. Motorola Solutions can help you transition to CBRS in several ways:

  • Motorola Solutions makes both high power and low power CBRS base station equipment (outdoor & indoor), as well as CPE / Smart Gateway and mobile devices
  • Motorola Solutions offers end-to-end solutions that address voice, video, data and IoT use cases
  • Motorola Solutions offers cloud management of Nitro CBRS systems
  • Motorola Solutions’ CBRS solution offered with either OnPrem or, hosted LTE Core

Why is Private LTE important?

High-capacity broadband is a fundamental part of a smart city. While utilities are developing new private networks and advanced technologies to meet the demands of more distributed energy resources, utilities position themselves for smart city opportunities. The modernized electric utility and smart cities of tomorrow cannot be fully realized without secure, reliable wireless broadband connectivity.

How can Private LTE improve critical infrastructure hurricane preparedness?

Past hurricanes have exposed flaws in public LTE networks, with widespread and lengthy interruptions to service impeding recovery efforts. Today’s utilities are addressing complex challenges that are compounded by the threat of natural disasters that are growing in intensity and frequency. Investing in reliable telecommunications infrastructure will help them to leverage actionable data to support the day-to-day demands for reliable, secure service delivery and to rise to the occasion when faced with the environmental challenges of hurricanes or other natural disasters.

How does Private LTE work with CBRS?

Motorola Solutions grew its enterprise broadband portfolio last year with the launch of Nitro, an end-to-end LTE solution for commercial customers. Nitro operates on the recently available Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum and delivers lightning-fast private broadband and premium voice communications. Nitro networks can be connected to 900 MHz networks to provide seamless voice and data connectivity throughout a customer’s territory.

Why Motorola Solutions and Private LTE?

Motorola Solutions is a long-standing provider of private narrowband communications equipment and radios in the 900 MHz band, with years of experience delivering mission-critical private networks. Its patent portfolio allows it to bring greater capacity, high-power performance and reduced interference to the LTE space. Its solution will include infrastructure, devices, software and service components to address the end-to-end needs of utility, oil, gas and other commercial customers. It will be offered in the flexible commercial terms that align with the market needs.

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