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Private LTE is a network that is run specifically for the benefit of an organization, such as a utility, factory or police department. Only authorized users of that organization have access to the network. The organization decides where there will be coverage, how the network will perform, who has access and priority. This is in contrast to a public LTE network, which would be run for the benefit of anyone willing to pay the monthly fee, like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. With the FCC’s recent ruling on rebanding and the 900MHz spectrum, Private LTE can transform your communications and connect you and your teams like never before.

What is MUTUAL?

What is MUTUAL’s purpose?


The purpose of MUTUAL is to establish a forum between Motorola Solutions and its system users to create a network that promotes the development, sustainability, and education of Motorola Solutions products, services, and processes for the mutual benefit of all parties.

MUTUAL has a Technical Committee that provides an established method for resolving issues of concern to its members regarding both problem-solving and planning future system enhancements.

MUTUAL also provides a means of passing information from Motorola Solutions to all members in a timely manner.

What is the purpose of MUTUAL’s Technical Committee?


The MUTUAL Technical Committees is a resource that is available to MUTUAL members. The committee provides the membership with a pipeline to help steer and direct the development and evolution of current and new products respectively. The Technical Committee also provides resources to the membership for assistance in issue resolution. if a MUTUAL member has followed Motorola Solutions established issue resolution process and continues to experience the same issue, the Technical Committee will step in, at the request of the member, and assist in the resolution process. The Committee will research the issue, attempt to find others experiencing a similar situation, and work towards resolution in conjunction with Motorola Solutions.

The Technical Committee is segmented into seven subcommittees: Subscribers, Network Management, Dispatch Centers, Systems, Training, Depot Repair/MOL, Customer Owned, and Maintained. These committees were identified based on input from our members when asked what was important to both them and their agencies. All subcommittees are positioned to provide valuable input and feedback in the development cycle of new products and services.

The Technical Committee Board is comprised of the Technical Committee Chairman and the seven Subcommittee Chairs. The MUTUAL technical committee is dynamic and is comprised of all the individuals participating in the established workgroups.

What resources are available?


View the Motorola Solutions user groups quick start guide to help you navigate and engage in your user group forum experience.

Who can I contact if I need support?


For more information, send a message to support.

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