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      Published Apr 09 2021, 9:15 AM by Mimmo Marchetti

      Mission-critical ecosystem intuitively guides decision-making

      Dear Community

      We have lived through the pandemic for just over a year and it has brought about much change, requiring us to reimagine the way we work.

      Safety has really come to the fore and underpins every decision we make. Without a secure environment, it is virtually impossible to be productive or work efficiently. Yet, we live in a world where we are under ever-increasing pressure to do more with fewer resources, so we need to look to technology to help us increase our capacity.

      Following extensive customer research, Motorola Solutions has developed a unique mission-critical ecosystem which is based on the interrelation between safety, efficiency and productivity. Unifying voice, data, video and analytics on a single platform, this ecosystem heralds the next phase of mission-critical capability, going beyond communication and detection to guide decision-making. It will enable humanitarians to be better prepared, more aware, more connected and able to focus on what matters most.

      Detect. Analyse. Communicate. Respond.

      When disaster strikes, single or multi-agency collaboration can be hampered by a lack of continuity across systems and technology. And valuable hours are often spent having to process data in the office, when teams need to be at the scene of an incident.

      The mission-critical ecosystem can help to overcome this, by enabling you to automate operational workflows, saving time and improving accuracy. It combines a powerful portfolio of communication technologies that can detect events as they occur, analyse what is happening, identify where response is needed, communicate with the right stakeholders, then dispatch the closest resources – all from a single view.

      The ability to track security breaches, measure body temperature, recognise faces or number plates and see when door alarms are activated offers real-time visibility that contributes towards a safer environment for everyone. Videos and images can be sent automatically from the scene of an incident to alert multiple teams simultaneously, providing more informed decision-making and promoting more effective collaboration.

      This is an ecosystem that guides humanitarians to where they are needed most, automating tasks and processes to protect people and assets. It is how smart cities and smart communities work.

      Intelligent and intuitive

      You might imagine that such a system is complicated to operate, requiring specialised in-house skills which detract from your core responsibilities. In fact, the graphical interface and intuitive functionality makes it surprisingly easy to configure. And Motorola Solutions’ support services are on hand to help you monitor and maintain the system and to minimise downtime. Incident reports can be logged automatically, saving precious hours so that you have more time to focus on your operations.

      With this mission-critical ecosystem, we have reimagined safety so that humanitarian organisations can continue to deal efficiently and productively with an increasing number of incidents without compromise.

      Mimmo Marchetti
      East Africa and United Nations Channel
      Motorola Solutions
      m: +39 | 349 760 2203

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