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      Published Apr 18 2019, 10:05 AM by Travis Heneveld

      Software evolution advances innovation in mission-critical applications and services for humanitarians in the field

      While Motorola Solutions’ 90-year history is deeply rooted in pioneering voice-based systems, we are constantly seeking new ways to advance the communication lifeline and help humanitarians to meet ongoing challenges. Today, our company has established itself as a trusted, end-to-end communications and intelligence provider.  And that’s where we can offer you even greater value.

      Motorola Solutions has continuously strived to understand the conditions humanitarians face in their daily operations. We talk regularly with humanitarian organisations to develop comprehensive, customised solutions that meet your particular requirements. And we work closely with customers to deliver high-tech, flexible and affordable voice and data solutions that support greater safety and expand capabilities, so you can be primed and prepared when you’re on the move.

      Adding value to modern critical communication systems

      Software is now leading the technological evolution, enabling us to bring users even greater functionality when and where they need it.

      In a crisis situation, communication centres around data – capturing it, accessing it, sharing it and analysing it - so you can make more informed decisions based on improved understanding. But this can be tricky when you’re faced with growing threats to security and stretched resources. The challenge is compounded by having to work across disparate systems. This wastes valuable time, as you have to sift through - and manage - information from multiple sources. It also makes it difficult to co-ordinate activities for seamless interaction between work groups.

      Motorola Solutions is here to help you solve the tasks you’re charged with in the quickest and most efficient way possible, with an integrated, end-to-end solution that provides a comprehensive picture. It’s about delivering the right information when, where and how it’s needed, to help  you increase situational awareness, streamline workflows and make better decisions, whether you’re in a situation room, out in the field or on site.

      This is achieved thorough a multi-layered approach comprising:

      •    Two-way radio -  instant, one-to-one/ group voice and data-rich communication

      •    Broadband work group communications – unified PTT voice and data solutions for users across different devices and networks

      •    Real-time tracking - of personnel, vehicles and supplies to optimise efficiency and enhance safety

      •    Planning, managing and streamlining workflows, using job ticketing

      •    Predicting and preventing emergency situations and automating processes for quicker response using Mission Critical IoT

      •    Telemetry - for remote monitoring and control of perimeters, machinery, power supplies, sensors and alarms

      •    Managed Services – ensuring your systems are maintained and managed so you can stay focused on the task at hand

      Investing in New Capabilities

      Motorola Solutions has acquired a number of companies that build on our track record of developing next-generation mission-critical solutions. This has enabled us to bring together artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence and to create new user interfaces for delivering information.

      They include:

      •    Video Security, body-worn cameras, live video feeds and sensors 

      •    Data and video analysis using AI 

      •    Integrated Control Room software and applications that centralise and simplify data collection, management and interpretation, to facilitate the co-ordination of diverse activities across multiple sites.

      All these components combine to offer you integrated solutions that enhance safety and improve efficiency,  enabling you to become more aware, more prepared and more in control.

      Talk to us today to find out how we can work with you to add greater value to your operations and create the solutions you need to meet challenges as they arise.

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