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      Published Dec 17 2018, 2:59 PM by Travis Heneveld

      Surveillance cameras and video analytics may not be technologies which one would traditionally associate with humanitarian operations. However, breakthrough innovations in video surveillance are working with Motorola Solutions’ two-way radios and CommandCentral Aware platform to deliver a layered approach to security that is powerful, pre-emptive and preventative.

      Real-time alerts and actionable information from an integrated source can offer humanitarians a detailed overview that enables more proactive monitoring, more effective communication and quicker response to incidents, reducing threats to personnel safety and providing greater protection of communities at risk, as well as securing valuable assets.

      How it works

      1 - Monitor - with smart surveillance

      You may be aware that Motorola Solutions recently acquired Avigilon, an organisation that designs, develops, and manufactures video analytics, network video management software and hardware, surveillance cameras, and access control solutions. This has enabled us to develop end-to-end security solutions, incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and video analytics to search for suspicious activity based on specific criteria.

      So, whether you’re needing to protect staff residences, storage facilities, high-value assets such as vehicles, medical equipment and cash or safeguard sensitive information, video surveillance provides real-time awareness to reduce theft and prevent damage. It can also empower guards by providing greater situational awareness to warn of fighting in the vicinity, alert them to suspicious vehicles or people and control access by screening visitors before they enter a site.

      Avigilon’s Appearance Search  and Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) Technology makes it possible to search through hours of video easily and quickly, using face analytics and physical descriptions to identify and track the movement of people, vehicles or assets.

      UMD technology learns how to detect and flag unusual motion, to automatically guide your attention to what’s important, pre-empting situations before they escalate, saving time and freeing up resources.

      This sophisticated, self-learning AI solution alleviates the need to watch video cameras constantly and overcomes the limitations of the human attention span, bringing a new level of automation to surveillance.  It can also be added to any connected video stream or IP camera, to protect existing investments in non-analytic cameras.

      2 - Communicate with greater awareness

      When suspicious activity is detected, two-way radio empowers humanitarians to contact the right people instantly, share important information and make informed decisions about how to respond.

      Information gathering can be further enhanced with Motorola Solutions’ Si500 Video Speaker Microphone (VSM) body-worn camera, which combines voice communication with video and still image capture to record events the moment they happen. With five integrated microphones, the Si500 can be combined with a Motorola Solutions digital two-way radio to enhance situational awareness in the field and make it easier to gather and review evidence.

      This compact, rugged device could prove useful in the monitoring of aid programmes, refugee registrations or events such as elections, as well as to promote greater accountability.

      3 - Respond according to actionable information

      Motorola Solutions has integrated Avigilon’s video analytics technology into our CommandCentral Aware platform, to create a powerful, unified source of actionable information. Humanitarian organisations can harness this platform to access incident details, computer-aided despatch and records intelligence, geospacial data and real-time alerts from multiple sources.

      The result is a more detailed and informed picture of what is happening that enables decisive action to be taken. Video analytics can also automatically alert humanitarians to critical events that may require further investigation, helping to proactively keep people safe and assets protected.

      A unique system for safety

      The combination of Motorola Solutions with Avigilon closes the circle in communication, saving time, money and resources, enhancing processes and procedures for a more proactive approach to safety. This layered approach gives humanitarians in the field reassurance that they are protected and promotes safer cities where citizens feel secure and communities can thrive.

      For more information about how Motorola Solutions and Avigilon can work together to secure your operations, watch this video, or get in touch with me.

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