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Advancing the Humanitarian Lifeline

Created Oct 26 2018, 3:56 PM by Travis Heneveld

What is the one thing you depend on so you’re primed and ready, both in your everyday work and when disaster strikes? A lifeline can represent many things: food and water, shelter, medical supplies, air lifts, funding… and communication.

Without communication, operations would grind to a halt. And we’re not just talking about voice communication. Technological innovation has revolutionised the way we interact and we’ve become increasingly dependent on staying connected. It’s opened up opportunities for sending, receiving and processing information in ways we never thought possible.

For example, just imagine if your communication solution could enable you to predict disasters before they occur and be more prepared in order to improve outcomes.  What difference would it make if your teams could have the intelligence they need, where and when they need it?

These are the questions Motorola Solutions has been thinking about as we’ve considered how to advance the communications lifeline. During the past 90 years, we’ve partnered with thousands of customers in over 100 countries, working in the field to understand how organisations use technologies and determine how we can help you to communicate effortlessly and reliably, without interruption.

We’ve advanced the communications lifeline way beyond voice to become the leading provider of mission-critical communications and video technology, so it’s now even easier for you to co-ordinate disaster response and improve security  – even when there is no existing infrastructure.

From Walkie Talkie to Next-Generation Digital Radio

Advancements in our Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) portfolio have expanded the capabilities of two-way radio to deliver rich data functionality that enables you to track personnel and enhance their safety in hazardous situations. The ability to issue job tickets, co-ordinate despatch and monitor vehicles delivering aid in real time can transform logistics and optimise the time taken to get vital food and medical supplies where they’re needed.

Our two-way radios can also help to streamline operations at refugee shelters, making it easier and more efficient for you to scan, capture and process vital information. This can facilitate registration, as well as the identification of refugees for voucher exchange programmes or when distributing medicines.

Who would have thought that all this could be achieved with what started out as a walkie talkie?

Today, Motorola Solutions invests over half a billion dollars a year on research and development to build new intuitive, resilient solutions that advance your operations into the future. Our ongoing innovation has consistently challenged technological boundaries to help humanitarians be more prepared, more confident and more connected.

Working Better Together

While two-way radio is the ideal tool for many humanitarians – especially those working on the front line – we realise that it’s not the only communications tool you need. Aid workers using smartphones and tablets must be able to connect with their colleagues to prevent information bottlenecks and silos.

 Motorola Solutions’ WAVE Broadband Push-to-Talk platform removes communication barriers to enable work groups to share critical information via images, location, status and text messages.  WAVE thus extends the communication lifeline by offering a unified network across multiple devices, so that teams can collaborate more effectively at the push of a button.  

Making Data Actionable

As part of our commitment to continued innovation, Motorola Solutions has embarked on joint ventures and acquired a number of companies whose solutions complement our portfolio. The recent acquisition of Avigilon has resulted in the integration of advanced video analytics into our Command Central Aware software solution. Dispatchers and analysts can now access a single source for real-time intelligence that combines video feeds, incident details, alerts, data mapping and responder location.

Avigilon’s Control Centre video management software will allow automatic alerts to be activated in real time when unusual activities are detected in people, vehicles or objects of interest. It transforms video surveillance from reactive to proactive monitoring, requiring less time to be spent watching video feeds. This enables responders to gain a more detailed picture of what is happening at the scene of an incident and take decisive action. It is another example of how we’re working to enable the seamless handling of emergency situations.

Setting Tomorrow’s Standards

Motorola Solutions is extremely proud to be celebrating our 90th anniversary. This is a milestone few companies reach and it’s down to the trust our customers place in us and the innovation that is part of our DNA. We remain committed to partnering with you as we continue to break boundaries in delivering the communications lifeline that ensures you are primed and prepared in the moments that matter.


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