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Created Jan 31 2018, 12:37 PM by Travis Heneveld

In a recent report on commitments made at the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit, stakeholders identified “the lack of reliable, accurate and transparent data as a consistent and cross-cutting obstacle.”

The ability to capture, share and access data - whether you’re in a refugee camp, conflict zone or disaster area - is crucial in helping the right decisions to be made as quickly as possible. It requires a range of technologies that can adapt to the demands of different users and harsh environments, without detracting from the task at hand.

Motorola Solutions has worked closely with end users and developers to create a portfolio of applications that deliver real-time intelligence and automate processes so that humanitarians can spend more time on the job at hand.

Improve situational awareness with mission-critical intelligence 

As events start unravelling, situations can change rapidly. Information often comes streaming in from numerous sources and this can cause confusion, if it is not properly managed. The CommandCentral Intelligence Platform centralises and simplifies data management to facilitate planning and provide operational support. 

Command CentralBuilt on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud, CommandCentral protects your data across all servers and software applications, ensuring you can correlate and analyse information from diverse devices. Locate and track personnel or vehicles and stream video from the command centre to mobile devices in real time to increase situational awareness, enhance staff safety and make more intelligent decisions.

Find the right people, communicate and co-ordinate actions with the PSX Messaging and Mapping application. Text, photos and video can be shared with your talk group or select personnel instantly and securely, whether they’re using smartphones or two-way radios.

And when outdoor GPS is unavailable, the TRX NEON Indoor Location System tracks personnel in real time, with the ability to model buildings in 3D and review activities after an event has been completed. This application can be used to support enhanced search and rescue and deliver improved situational awareness for operations underground. 

Capture and validate data more accurately

Accounting for victims in a disaster situation and tracking groups on the move can be less of a challenge with eTWIST. The application allows you to include high-resolution photography with integrated GPS geo-locating and grid mapping. Data accuracy is dramatically enhanced through on-site data collection and automatic validation via Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth communications.

DataYou can also use eTWIST to manage the delivery of goods such as medicines and food supplies, using barcode/RFID scanning to rapidly populate entries. The software further enhances operational efficiency by allowing users to employ bio-scanning and voice commands for data capture.

Enhance security with end-to-end data encryption and identity management

Aid agencies are at significant risk from hackers, as has been evidenced by a recent security alert related to the storage of data of vulnerable people. When critical information is exchanged via wireless communications, humanitarians must have reliable end-to-end data encryption.  

Mobile VPNMotorola Solutions’ Mobile VPN has been specifically designed to keep information secure while managing data across multiple mobile applications and wireless networks. Workers can stay securely connected while they move in and out of coverage or switch between 4G/LTE, 3G or WiFi networks.

We also offer a range of identity management services, including single sign-on authentication for password management and authentication. 

Keep mobile teams communicating across devices

Different tasks require different devices, so it is not always possible to standardise across work groups. The WAVE Mobile Communicator extends workforce communication to anywhere that has a network connection, turning your Android or iOS smart device into a multi-channel push-to-talk (PTT) handset. This allows workers using smartphones and other devices to communicate with two-way radio users securely over broadband networks, providing unified voice and text messaging.

Boost workforce efficiency with greater collaboration

Information can be captured in many ways and the last thing humanitarians need is to be juggling numerous devices to get their job done. The mobile application SceneDoc provides a consistent means of documenting events. Capture images, video and audio files, sketch and take notes in a digital notepad, complete agency forms and generate reports quickly and accurately, while having a near real-time view into the scene. SceneFiles are synched with a hosted or on-premise administrative back-end for access and collaboration from any connected device. 

Touch MobileWith multiple agencies and work teams involved in peacekeeping, disaster response and development, collaboration is essential for a positive outcome. DForce is a mobile collaboration application that allows teams to create and share information rapidly. Track your co-workers on a map using GPS and share whiteboards, messages, files and images when you’re in the field.

Another application which has proven useful for asset management, process management and data collection is Touch Mobile. The app allows you to look up assets geospatially by barcode, direct part mark or GPS location. Collect data offline and upload it once you have a connection, query and filter data, get customised reports delivered directly to your device and generate work orders.

Co-developed solutions based on proven technologies

These are just some examples of how technology can support humanitarians to meet the tough demands they face in preventing and reducing human suffering. They have already been tried and tested in the field and can be adapted if required to vastly improve the capacity to collect, monitor and analyse data and to help data-driven humanitarian decision-making to become the norm.

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