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Created Sep 28 2017, 7:58 AM by Travis Heneveld

Whether you want to add an existing application or build your own customised data capabilities, Motorola’s Application Developer Programme makes it easy to expand the functionality of your MOTOTRBO radios to increase personnel safety and bolster efficiency according to your unique requirements. It also allows you to do this seamlessly across networks and devices.

The Application Developer toolkit enables you to write your application once and deploy it across MOTOTRBO and broadband networks, effortlessly.

What benefits could apps have for humanitarian operations?

The capabilities which applications bring to MOTOTRBO users are endless. Here are just some examples of how they could benefit humanitarian operations.

  1. Situational Awareness:

    For personnel guarding conflict-stricken or sensitive areas, the centralised lone worker application provides reassurance and enhanced protection by requiring radio users to check in at pre-determined intervals. If an individual fails to respond to a request, an emergency alarm can be raised and sent to response teams, automatically.

    Humanitarians in unrest zones or hazardous areas could also benefit from the Man Down sensor, which is able to recognise changes in state and motion. So, if an individual is in trouble or falls unconscious, an emergency call is automatically released to summon help.

    TrackingTracking: Check on the progress of food distribution convoys and monitor personnel entering potentially dangerous locations with real-time GPS and indoor tracking that pinpoints their position on mapping platforms such as Google Earth.

    These apps can also help you to identify the person or vehicle closest to a site if a breakdown occurs and summon medical assistance when needed, speeding up response times.
  2. Control RoomControl Room:

    The complexity of humanitarian operations requires the co-ordination of numerous activities across multiple sites. Control room applications make it easier to control and manage resources and assign tasks to the most relevant people, while at the same time improving safety and response times.

    Emergency calls can be broadcast to multiple groups simultaneously and direct communication can be achieved between dispatchers and remote radios for private one-to-one calls.
  3. TelemetryTelemetry:

    Monitor or control access to refugee camps and safeguard high-security perimeters remotely, via your two-way radio. Telemetry allows you to check on the status of machinery, power supplies, sensors and alarms, making it easier and quicker to respond to alerts.

    This type of application could also be useful in controlling refrigerated medical supplies or food storage, raising an alarm in the event of fluctuations in temperature. Alerts can be sent via email as well as text and audio, directly to your two-way radio.

Getting started

Our on-line Application Catalogue allows you to search by region, technology, language and industry for the application you need. There are applications developed by Motorola Solutions, our channel partners as well as third parties. All applications have proven customer deployments or have been tested in a Motorola Solutions lab.

If you have an existing application which you’d like to deploy across your MOTOTRBO network, our Application Developer Kit will guide you through the process.

We can also offer advice and help you to find the solution that best fits your needs.

Get in touch with me if you need assistance or have any questions.

Travis Heneveld

Director United Nations and International Accounts

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