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Digital Mobile Radio Gets Even Better

Created Nov 01 2016, 5:00 AM by Travis Heneveld

My recent move to Nairobi brings Motorola Solutions another step closer to being more integrated into the humanitarian community. Such a large gathering of NGOs in the country provides a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on understanding and insight into how our technology can help to empower and protect workers in operations ranging from healthcare to disaster relief, peacekeeping or the distribution of aid.mototrbo_radio_comms.jpg

Communication is key to the success of any organisation and we’re constantly seeking ways to make our technology smarter. The occasion of my migration south just happened to coincide with the launch of Motorola’s next-generation MOTOTRBO™ Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) portfolio.

We’ve come a long way since MOTOTRBO spearheaded the DMR revolution in 2007! Taking this experience and user feedback into account, the latest range of radios brings a number of new features and capabilities to help aid workers to operate even more safely, efficiently and productively.

Longer battery life, indoor tracking, integrated Wi-Fi, seamless communication

Next generation MOTOTRBO keeps workers in touch for longer, with up to 29 hours of battery life, so teams don’t have to worry about losing contact when they need it most. It also saves hundreds of hours of lost productivity by using its integrated Wi-Fi capability for remote software updates. This enables radios to be managed from a central location, so users no longer need to waste time dropping off their devices and waiting for updates, which means they can spend more time in the field.

Building on MOTOTRBO’s integrated GPS capability for tracking vehicles and assets outdoors, the new indoor location tracking feature ensures it’s quick and easy to locate people and it can also generate alerts if the user enters restricted or hazardous areas. The man-down alert is another feature designed to improve worker safety, by detecting movement and issuing an alarm if the user appears to be motionless.


Easier collaboration with WAVE

wave.jpgHaving disparate networks can make communication between teams complicated. This is overcome with WAVE Work Group Communications: a broadband push-to-talk solution that enables users to communicate with other teams and individuals securely, over any network and using any device. From two-way radios to smartphones, laptops to landlines, tablets to rugged handhelds, WAVE creates a powerful platform for interoperability, to speed up decision-making and promote seamless co-ordination between remote teams.

Instant connections, clear communication

In the past, two-way radio communication could be unclear in noisy environments. Digital radio’s noise-cancelling capability and audio amplifier makes speech much clearer, even in high-volume environments.The background noise level is automatically adjusted by MOTOTRBO’s intelligent audio feature.

For users who need to keep their hands free while using their radio, Bluetooth-enabled MOTOTRBO radios can be connected to an Operations Critical Wireless PTT and audio accessory so they can leave their radio on a desk, in a medical bag or backpack and converse seamlessly up to 30 feet away from the radio.

Beyond voice

The evolution of MOTOTRBO DMR is taking communication way beyond voice, giving you access to a host of features and applications that can help you be more productive, keep safe and get the job done.

Click here to contact Motorola Solutions if you would like case studies or user references on how DMR is being applied in humanitarian operations and to discuss a tailored solution that fits your unique user requirements.

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Travis Heneveld
Director: United Nations & International Accounts, Motorola Solutions

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