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What's New For Business Critical Communications?


31st May - Press Release - Smaller Is Smarter for Newest TETRA Radio - Motorola Solutions’ ST7000 small TETRA radio combines high-quality audio and an intuitive, touch screen user interface in a pocket-sized design for business-critical operations. Read the full release here

31st May - Press Release - Connecting Teams with High Performance
Motorola Solutions’ WAVE 7000 provides a high-reliability broadband push-to-talk solution with new capabilities designed for large-scale deployments. The solution is part of Motorola Solutions’ Convergence Suite of applications that enable push-to-talk (PTT), mapping, messaging and other functionality to help bridge land mobile radio (LMR) and long-term evolution (LTE) networks. Read the full release here


When you need to keep your workers, dispatchers and managers constantly connected and informed, on-site or further afield, we have the solution.

At this years's CCW, we showcased our TETRA, DMR, Voice-Over-Broadband and SCADA solutions for business critical applications – all designed to keep you connected when you need it.

Building Efficiencies, Improving Worker Safety and Driving Productivity. In order to function effectively, organisations need effective communication between staff, plus seamless integration of data, information and work processes. We will show how our solutions help create a collaborative environment between workers, supervisors, managers, equipment and processes to ensure increased productivity, faster problem resolution, enhanced safety and reduced operational risks.

Our Extensive Portfolio of Devices and Systems. Easy-to-use entry level, mid-tier and fully featured high tier models; super-slim, discreet or rugged. From manufacturing to utilities, transportation to retail, waterproof, super-stylish or ATEX certified – whatever the requirement, Motorola has the radio for every user. All backed up with an extensive range of accessories and applications that allow the user to customise the solution to their specific needs. We will be showcasing our TETRA and DMR portfolios, plus WAVE broadband workgroup communications solutions.

Connected Utilities. Exploration, drilling, mining, storage, processing or distribution: our rugged devices including ATEX certified radios and accessories keep workers connected and safe. To allow connection further afield, WAVE provides push-to-talk communications over broadband for smartphone or tablet users. 

Products featured: ATEX radios and accessories (MTP8000Ex and DP4000 Ex), WAVE 3000

Connected Manufacturing. From goods in, through the factory and away to goods out, whether small single-site facilities or larger and high user-density systems, Motorola’s trunked radio systems connect workers to boost safety and efficiency.

Products featured: MOTOTRBO Capacity Max and next generation MOTOTRBO radios

Connected Transportation. Smart devices and systems from Motorola Solutions let you remotely monitor and control assets and staff to help keep passengers, people, assets and cargo on the move on the road, over the sea and in the air.

Products featured: SCADA ACE1000, TETRA mobile for metro

Connected Retail & Hospitality. Managing a vast shopping complex, running an exclusive hotel, checking a table is available at the back of the restaurant or carrying out a stock check from the shop floor. Connecting staff, managing job tickets and controlling assets to get the job done means more efficient operations, higher customer satisfaction and improved client services.

Products featured: MOTOTRBO Control Room Solutions

The Latest Additions to the Range. Motorola Solutions continues to invest in R&D to drive technology leadership and innovation. See our most recent product launches on the stand and learn how they can drive operational efficiencies and enhanced personnel safety, including:

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max: trunking solution for more efficient spectrum usage allows higher user density with increased call capacity. Capacity Max is compliant with the DMR Tier III Standard, but also provides additional advanced MOTOTRBO functionality.

Next Generation MOTOTRBO: new, upgraded models provide greater range, longer battery life, built-in mandown, integrated WiFi® and more.


Focus on Business-Critical - CCW2016

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