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Availability, security, reliability and functionality.




31 May - 10.30 CET - NEWS - Press Release - Connecting Teams with High Performance - Responding to the increasing demand for reliable, nationwide, push-to-talk networks, WAVE 7000 is introduced today to a marketplace that requires high-performance PTT across broadband and land mobile radio networks to keep teams more connected than ever. The solution is now available globally. Read the full release here.

Motorola Solutions can help ensure the availability, security, reliability and functionality of your communications system while you focus on your strategic mission. We deliver solutions that boost operational efficiency and reduce the complexity of multitechnology, multi vendor communications.

Visit us our Network Operations and Services area on stand D9 to see how we can help you:

Trust the leader in mission-critical communications to manage your network. We have a proven track record in successfully managing and operating some of the largest and most complex government and private, mission critical communications systems around the world. With ESN and Nodnett as our success stories, you can rely on Motorola in the moments that matters. Visit us to find out how our solutions can help you achieve better operational outcomes, without the complexity and added risk of operating a mission critical network yourself.

Real-time visibility to critical system and service performance. Only Motorola offers you real-time visibility to your network operations, performance and service delivery status with MyView Portal. Get instant access, 24x7x365, from any web-enabled device to network details such as: System Performance, Service Level Agreement Compliance, Incident Tickets and Resolution Status, Service Delivery and can also be customised based on user access permissions to provide the right level of detail to the right people.

Easy provisioning and billing solution for your TETRA/LTE network. Our web-based solutions put your data to work. Use them to manage your agencies, provision and bill push-to-talk, telephone interconnect and data services for both private and shared networks. This solution can also collect, integrate, analyse and present subscriber events and service consumption over time. Provide the insight from a functionality-rich system, suitable for both single and multiple operators in a Managed Service environment.

How much better could your network be? Our experience and service expertise are fully realised when put to effective use for your operations. Optimal mission critical operations require constantly improving strategies and methodologies – anticipating the threats and the unthinkable. As the global leader and recognised innovator in mission critical communications, we are uniquely positioned to provide unmatched service for your mission critical network. With our combination of deep domain expertise, state-of-the-art equipment repair centres, test labs and case management procedures, our support centres, technology specialists and field teams are on hand ready and dedicated to operating your network at peak performance.

Safety is what you can't see. Expertise is what you can't overlook. As a global leader in mission-critical communications, Motorola has in depth experience, expertise and robust capability to assist with today’s cyber risk challenges. We understand how critical it is to design, develop and deploy technologies that are absolutely effective and secure. We work with public safety agencies worldwide to manage cybersecurity challenges, partner with their internal resources, and provide the training and tools to help them be cyber resilient in an intensifying threat climate.threat climate.

Come and meet us to find out more.