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Public Safety


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31 May - 17.00 CET - NEWS - Press Release - Innovating Public Safety Through Mobile IntelligenceWe help build safer cities with latest smart public safety devices, software applications, infrastructure and virtual reality-enabled command centre concept introduced at CCW 2016. Read the full release here.

31 May - 17.00 CET - News - Press Release - Smaller Is Smarter for Newest TETRA Radiothe ST7000 small TETRA radio combines high-quality audio and an intuitive, touch screen user interface in a pocket-sized design. Read the full release here.

31 May - 10.30 CET - NEWS - Press Release - Connecting Teams with High PerformanceResponding to the increasing demand for reliable, nationwide, push-to-talk networks, WAVE 7000 is introduced today to a marketplace that requires high-performance PTT across broadband and land mobile radio networks to keep teams more connected than ever. The solution is now available globally. Read the full release here.

30 May - News - Press Release -  Innovation partnership to drive advanced technology solutions - Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited and Motorola Solutions will sign a Memorandum of Understanding, on 31 May, to co-create innovative technologies for advanced secured communications in public safety and national security sectors Read the full release here.

19 May - NEWS - Press Release - Transforming Body-Worn Cameras for TETRA UsersLaunching at CCW - this new innovative solution combines body-worn video camera, radio speaker and microphone with cloud-based data storage and management to create a complete digital evidence management system. Read the full release here.


VIDEOS - Focus on Public Safety - LIVE FROM CCW2016


AT THE SHOW: One of the biggest challenges public safety professionals face is being forced to deal with the unknown. Making the unknown known is about ensuring that the right information gets to the right people, in the right way, at the right time. From a technological perspective, this means extracting actionable information from ever-growing data sources through powerful analytics and delivering intelligence in real-time to connected end user devices.

At this year's CCW, we are showing solutions that empower public safety organisations to capture voluminous and disparate data, analyze it and deliver the resulting intelligence to the people that need it. The presented solutions seek to unlock powerful capabilities by breaking down data silos, unifying TETRA and broadband LTE networks, and enabling a single ecosystem of advanced public safety applications.

Visit us on stand D9 and experience, with us:

Intelligence-Led Public Safety Solutions. We will be showcasing the CommandCentral platform which helps public safety organisations centralise data management and simplify their operations. See how CommandCentral helps to:

 - Enhance Planning and Reduce Crime Rates - using advanced data analytics to proactively patrol with target area crime predictions.

- Support frontline personnel with enhanced situational awareness – better manage operations with integrated voice, data and video intelligence.

- Enable faster investigations to close more cases – narrow your scope more quickly with Big Data collection and correlation.

Digital Evidence Management. Our digital evidence management solution offers a unified, simple and smart approach that transforms how public safety organisations capture, store, manage and share multimedia content.  

Building Bridges: Unifying TETRA and Public Safety LTE Networks. By leveraging intelligent middleware services and enablers, public safety applications can enable enhanced situational management for frontline personnel. We show how this application development framework simplifies public safety application development and helps unify the capabilities of TETRA and public safety LTE systems, through voice and data integration.

Smart Wearable Devices. For front line staff such as firefighters, paramedics and patrol officers operating in high stress environments, it is imperative that technology is intuitive – even second nature. Through the use of smart wearables, we demonstrate how interactions with communication devices can be made simpler, contextual awareness increased, and the working environment made safer.

Transportable Mission Critical Radio Networks. Transportable radio systems can extend existing networks or provide vital communications in disaster relief operations. We show a range of transportable mission-critical communications solutions that address the need for fast deployment and temporary coverage.

The Future Commmand Centre. What would the future command centre look like?  Technology advancements are enabling much more immersive user experiences.  We show how these richer user experiences will transform existing workflows and enable greater safety and in-field productivity.

At Motorola Solutions, we're giving those who stand between order and chaos the power to change the trajectory of a single moment, while still in that moment.


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