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TETRA Wireless Bluetooth Accessories

Unleash the Power of your Bluetooth Radio with Seamless Connection to Operations Critical Wireless Accessories.

Easy to attach and pair, Motorola Solutions Bluetooth accessories enhance performance and security wherever you work. It allows for working free of trailing wires; being heard and hear clearly; and talking discreetly undercover.

How to Buy

  • PMPN4015

    Mini-USB charging plug with Korea plug.

  • PMPN4009

    Mini-USB charging plug with US plug.

  • PMPN4008

    Mini-USB charging plug with China plug.

  • PMPN4007

    Mini-USB charging plug with Australia and New Zealand plugs.

  • PMLN4605

    Optional clear acoustic kit.

  • PMLN6463

    Swivel earpiece with in-line microphone and Bluetooth pod.

  • NTN2572

    Replacement Wireless Earpiece 12 inch cable

  • NNTN8295

    1- Wire Earbud for Wireless Push-to-Talk pod with 45” cable, Black

  • NNTN8294

    Wireless bluetooth ear bud, 11.5” cable.

  • PMLN7052

    Mission Critical Single-wire surveillance kit with quick disconnect translucent tube for OCW/MCW pods.