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8 rue des Hérons - 67960 Entzheim – France

(+33) (3) 88 76 22 22
(+33) (3) 88 76 22 36

Quonex stands out in France and around the world for its exceptionally wide range of skills and technical expertise.

Mission Statement

Quonex stands out in France and around the world for its exceptionally wide range of skills and technical expertise

Company Information

Quonex, leading distributor of Motorola products in France, is Motorolasolutions Application Partner since the beginning, and continues to offer applications that improve safety and performance of your customers. Many "firsts" came from our labs: the first french prison equiped with MOTOTRBO™ or the first shopping mall in England with Indoor tracking functions. Wherever information and communication are decisive issues, Quonex deploys with precision and commitment all its expertise. With a 360-degree range of services, from development to operational deployment and support, Quonex supports you in accelerating technological evolutions so that Communication and Innovation are always the engines of your performance. Our ambition of every moment: to guarantee you products, solutions and services to the measure of your requirement. With Quonex, connect your projects with your success!


Specialized in safety systems and solutions, Quonex applications are specialized in the following areas:
- Personnel safety, lone worker with Indoor / Outdoor location
- Real time guard tour patrol managemen, with assistance, event management
- Localization systems dedicated to municipal police
- Alarm control systems which manages any type, their processing and escalation to the right people
- The diffusion / distribution of emergency alerts for industry, chemical alerts, targeted evacuations, alert attacks, white plans, flood alerts, etc

Applications Available from Quonex


    Dmralertr intrack improves order and job management and offers full Control and management of mototrbo radio fleet.

  • DMRAlert Street

    Dmralertr street is a management tool allowing users to track GPS enabled Mototrbo radio fleet throughout a designated area down to street level.

  • DMRAlert Enterprise

    Offering full control and effective management of your mototrbo radio fleet, DMRAlert enterprise ensures the security of your enterprise.

  • DMRAlert GT

    DMRAlertr gt enables all security duties to be managed from one central point in realtime. Providing real-time staff location information, alerts and voice tracking, it ensures staff security at all times.

  • DMRAlert TAD

    Scalable and comprehensive, DMRAlert® TAD offers high performance in automatic alarm dispatching. It is a proven technology based on wide experience with world-class leaders.