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Technical alarm dispatcher

Scalable and comprehensive, DMRAlert® TAD offers high performance in automatic alarm dispatching. It is a proven technology based on wide experience with world-class leaders.


DMRAlert® TAD can connect and listen to any types of alarms and dispatch them to the right person or group. TAD forwards Alarms to MOTOTRBO radios by SMS and Voice. When connected to a BMS or LPT output, the Text To Speech (TTS) feature offers the highest performance by delivering the exact message - converted into voice – to the radios. TAD provides a comprehensive range of alarm management functionalities including acknowledgement, escalation, escalation to alternate, schedule, supervision with cartography (Plant Maps), full traceability and safety.ty.

DMRAlert® TAD dispatches alarms to radios, as well as to phone sets by e-mail, relay outputs and the cartographic supervisor software which manages the plan maps and shows alarms including location when they occur with a red flash and personalised sound alarm. DMRAlert® TAD Lone Worker Safety alarms are also managed and can be forwarded to MOTOTRBO using specific rules. In combination with the Guard Tour, TAD enables users to send the alarms directly to the patroller, allowing cost reduction as patrollers directly receive alarms on their radios.

• Dispatches all types of Alarms to MOTOTRBO, Phone sets, Email, Relay, Cartographic Dispatcher.

• Connects to most popular systems: Siemens, Chubb, DEF, ABB, BMS fire alarm and building management systems, dry over IP (Wago, Iologic) and Mototrbo Telemetry.

• Connects to most nurse call systems

• Pushes alarm messages by SMS, Voice, Text to Speech, to commercial standard hypervisors (Winsup, Intouch, PC Vue, MicroSesame).

• Full IP solution: dry contact over IP, the most popular protocols to connect to BMS, fire alarm systems such as OPC and ESPA and Telemetry.

• GUI : Multi Map Cartographic Supervisor.

• Acknowledgement – Escalation – Escalation to Alternate.

• Personal and group management.

• Schedules.

• Manual alarm launching by operator (e.g. evacuation).

• Enhanced radio – group - dynamic – temporary staff management.

• Status, Text messaging SMS, Radio Control.

• Users & Rights management.

• Full Traceability.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility
MOTOTRBO radios.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
PC Windows Seven Pro, IP, USB, Sound.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, NAI Data, CSBK.