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Indoor tracking system

Dmralertr intrack improves order and job management and offers full Control and management of mototrbo radio fleet.


DMRAlert® INTRACK is a powerful dispatcher specifically designed for Shopping Centres, combining full automatic indoor tracking, job ticketing, guard tour patrol management, lone worker and man down safety.

It allows the management of different teams such as technical, security and cleaners, with all radio movements being tracked and recorded throughout the site and stored on the server. Localisation of staff is done thanks to wireless beacons which are battery powered meaning no third party network is required, and location is displayed on a multi floor layout map GUI combining staff location and other alarms.

One main application is the use of this data for insurance purpose. It also enables to efficiently monitor tasks, for instance the geo-fencing feature can generate an alarm if the toilets have not been visited and so cleaned for a specified period. Also, the user is immediately alarmed if an unauthorised radio is detected in an area The Job ticketing functionality enables the creation and dispatch of tasks, and provides a colour-coded report on the dispatcher interface showing the status and progress of tasks.

Supported Languages

• Full automatic indoor tracking system / real time localisation.

• Guard Tour patrol management.

• Job Ticketing Task Management.

• Lone Worker / Man down safety.

• Enhanced staff – radio – group management.

• Visual and audible alarm on PC, the emergency facility is combined with location so you will know the location of the radio in alarm and also the technical alarm.

• Group management, Dynamic group management, Temporary workers.

• Geo-fencing.

• Status Management.

• Enhanced radio - staff management.

• Multi floor layout Maps.

• Text messaging SMS.

• Audible & Visual Alarm on Supervisor.

• Management of users & their rights.

• Networking: several Supervisors on IP.

• Full Traceability.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
PC Windows Seven Pro, IP, USB, sound.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
MOTOTRBO System Architecture: Capacity+ recommended, Conventional, IPSC, LCP+, NAI Data, CSBK.