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DMRAlert Enterprise

Complete solution for enterprise safety

Most powerful system of DMRAlert range ENTERPRISE maximises your staff safety with localisation, and connects to all your fire alarm systems and now also to nurse call systems in hospitals. Now available on e-series, please see e-ENTERPRISE.


DMRAlert® ENTERPRISE is a complete dispatcher combining full automatic Indoor & Outdoor tracking, Guard Tour Patrol Management, Job Ticketing, Technical Alarm Dispatching, Lone Worker and Man Down Safety.

Enterprise is now confident with e-series and with the most popular nurse call systems. It suits particularly to psychiatric or prison hospitals where there are potential dangerous people.

DMRAlert® ENTERPRISE allows the management of different teams such as technical, security and cleaners, with all radio movements being tracked and recorded throughout the site and stored on the server. Localisation is done via wireless beacons which are battery powered meaning no third party network is required, and GPS. In order to enhance the tracking performance, the option board offers different possibilities to upload information to the server.

Thanks to different connectors to most used Building Management Systems (BMC), Fire Alarm Systems and also single alarms, technical staff is immediately informed when an alarm occurs. Geofencing enables to check tasks are being completed and if not, generate an alarm, and also alarms users if an unauthorised radio is in detected in an area.

• Full automatic Indoor & Outdoor Tracking system.

• Guard Tour Patrol Management (Beacon, RSM/ RFID, Wireless/RFID) with email reporting allowing management of different types of tours.

• Intelligent Alarm Dispatcher: connects to most used building Management Systems, Fire alarm systems and hypervisors such as: ABB, Siemens, Chubb, Def, Wago, Iologics, Winsup, Intouch, PCVue, MicroSesame, Prysm.

• Alarms can be sent to radios, phone sets, SMS/GSM, email, relay outputs.

• All information (location of staff, technical alarms…) is displayed on a multi-screen & multi-floor layout Maps GUI. 

• IVR included.

• Complient with e-Series/i-beacons

• Connects to most popular nurse call systems

• Text to Speech: translates “data” to Voice.

• Acknowledgement, escalation, group management.

• Job Ticketing & Task Management: the different colours of the dispatcher show which tasks are accepted, in progress, late or terminated.

• Lone Worker and safety features on Option Board: Man down, Loss of movement, dual transmission of alarm, transmit interrupt. Enhanced transmission of indoor and outdoor locations.

• Manual launch alert (evacuation…).

• Dispatcher.

• Voice Recording MP3.

• Visual and audible alarm on PC, the emergency facility is combined with location so you will know the location of the radio in alarm and also the technical alarm on maps.

• Group management, Dynamic group management, Temporary workers.

• Enhanced radio management.

• Text messaging SMS.

• Management of users & their rights.

• Client / Server (IP).

• Full Traceability.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
PC Windows Seven Pro, IP, USBs, sound.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Conventional MOTOTRBO, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus,
Linked Capacity Plus, NAI Data, CSBK.