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Real-time guard tour patrol management

DMRAlertr gt enables all security duties to be managed from one central point in realtime. Providing real-time staff location information, alerts and voice tracking, it ensures staff security at all times.


DMRAlert® GT is a full real-time Guard Tour Patrol Management solution featuring pre-defined patrol routes management and real-time staff location, for full automatic staff management with network back-up.

DMRAlert GT application can be set up using 3 different devices: RSM/RFID, Wireless RFID and Beacons. It is possible to combine the different devices to design customised solutions that will fit with any customer requirements. Whether utilising wireless beacon or RFID checkpoints, all checkpoints locations are logged and recorded in real-time with the MOTOTRBO radio ID.

With the tags the user can also manage events during his tour such as 'Broken Windows' or 'Door Opens' with localisation included in the report.

The application can then deliver real-time information on the patrols on the customer map, along with alerts, voice tracking, etc, all backed up with full reports and statistical information. Detailed pdf reports of guard tours are created automatically and are sent to the board by email. The software offers 3 levels of tours monitoring, in order to maximize flexibility. A full automatic connection between GT and the radio is available to help the patroller and give him latest information regarding his tour at any time.

• Real Time Guard Tour Patrol Management.

• Devices: RSM RFID reader, BEACON (mix possible).

• Lone Worker & safety management with Automatic dispatch of Alarm.

• Event Management'

• Supervisor GUI: Multi floor layout maps.

• Management of Free, Programmed and Mixed patrols.

• GT to/from radio hand shake.

• Voice tracking on PC.

• Full Traceability – Statistics.

• Automatic Edition of Guard Tour report, transmission by Email.

• Text messaging SMS.

• Group management.

• Status management.

• Full Radio control: Activate/deactivate/listening to.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
PC Windows 7 PRO, IP, USB, Sound.


MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Conventional MOTOTRBO, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus,  Linked Capacity Plus, NAI Data, CSBK.