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PREMIERONE Computer-Aided Dispatch Software

Dispatcher actively uses PremierOne Computer-Aided Dispatch software.


Provide better information to dispatchers with a fast and efficient computer-aided dispatch system that integrates all incident information. PremierOne CAD offers flexible deployment options that meet the needs of your agency, whether you’re looking for an on-premises or cloud-based solution.


Safer Cities. Thriving Communities.

First responders can be in danger at any moment of the day. Whatever the situation, public safety operations depend on immediate access to the most accurate information available.

PremierOne CAD is transforming public safety and dispatch operations. It streamlines the capture, correlation and real-time distribution of mission critical information for improved dispatch decision making and increased responder awareness and safety.

How to Buy

Choose the Deployment Option That’s Right for Your Agency

Motorola Solutions has decades of experience delivering successful PremierOne CAD on-premises deployments globally. For large-scale operations, on-premises allows your agency to achieve a high level of flexibility in configurations and interfaces. Improve multi-agency workflows through custom commands and configurations, enhancing situational awareness for dispatch and first responders. PremierOne CAD on-premises deployment optimizes integration across applications and platforms through collaboration with third-party systems in order for dispatch to fully inform and provide responders with a complete set of information.

As technology advances, many  public safety agencies are now looking to evolve their software solutions to the cloud. Deploying PremierOne CAD in the cloud leverages our proven computer-aided dispatch expertise and offers a faster deployment process than traditional on-premises solutions, meaning a greater return on your investment in addition to improved security and availability. Cloud-based solutions also deliver cost efficiency with predictable payment as well as scalable computing and storage resources, with the ability to offload maintenance, updates and repair tasks to Motorola Solutions. Our cloud-based PremierOne CAD offers a virtualized experience with simplified configurations and integrations offering agencies a robust, world-class dispatch experience with the benefits of the cloud.

Dispatch the Right Resources with Confidence

PremierOne CAD software allows dispatchers to access complete data on every situation including the incoming call, related records and responder location and status. With access to all critical information, dispatchers can help support a safer and more prepared response and you can compile and display precise data that is specific to your agency’s workflow. PremierOne CAD software helps improve your team’s response times, efficiently allocate resources and better inform first responders through greater information gathering and situational awareness.

Strengthen Situational Awareness by Accessing Related Information

Access previous incidents and current information relating to the location, situation and caller without disrupting natural dispatch workflow. Dispatchers are able to provide field responders with complete information including who they are dealing with as well as how to prepare and respond for the best results. 

Improve Responder Safety with Integrated Communications and Location

Enhance your dispatch workflow with integrated access to quickly and accurately determine current responder location and status while also maintaining communication in the field. Send critical information to responders with CAD-to-radio messaging and promptly request backup from nearby units with emergency button activation and console integration, providing accurate responder location. 

Speed Response by Minimizing Points of Data Entry

Provide a seamless flow of essential information in to the dispatcher and out to first responders in order to minimize points of data entry. This allows for a faster, clearer workflow that’s necessary for keeping both your officers and civilians safe.

Accurate And Informed Field Response With PremierOne Mobile

PremierOne™ Mobile enables public safety personnel to assess and prepare for a situation when dispatched, en route, and on the scene. Users easily access information they need via a simple, one-step navigation experience throughout the PremierOne Mobile application enabling more informed decisions for quicker, safer, and more efficient resolution.


Responder Alerts Integration

For on-premises deployments, PremierOne CAD’s responder alerts use sensor technology to improve responder safety during critical situations. Protect your field personnel through instant critical alerts, rely on a clear timeline of events and send vital field backup when and where it’s needed. Responder alerts provide alert type and location information to dispatch and mobile teams so you can take immediate action to improve outcomes.


RapidSOS Integration

Integration between the on-premises deployment of PremierOne CAD and RapidSOS enables you to improve call outcomes by providing a more reliable caller location, faster, along with greater detail of caller information. Locate callers immediately, respond to callers on the move and access more detailed caller information to help you improve both response time and call location accuracy.


Integrated Call Control 

Increase call taker focus and efficiency by utilizing one call handling and dispatch solution. Integrating VESTA® 9-1-1 or CallWorks CallStation NG9-1-1 call handling solutions with the on-premises deployment of PremierOne CAD offers a more efficient call management approach by easing the call taker’s already stressful job. The result is a more efficient and comfortable workspace where call takers can answer a call, create an incident, dispatch and release a call all from one workstation.