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Pronto Digital Policing

Streamline core policing processes

Pronto has been designed with and for front line operational users. As a result, it is an intuitive solution, with positive adoption, excellent user compliance and consistently positive feedback.

Pronto and its suite of applications delivers comprehensive and flexible mobile information solutions to the police, criminal justice and healthcare professionals.

Our technology and business consultancy services transform core business processes to enable more efficient use of your resources both in the back office and on the front line.

Pronto simplifies and streamlines disparate business processes from time consuming, paper-based and resource intensive systems into an efficient, effective, mobile and interconnected solution – removing the burden of managing essential information and putting the power back into the hands of front line users.

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  • Pronto Application Overview

    From road traffic and community policing, to criminal justice, crime investigations and back office management support, Pronto delivers totally paperless policing from the front line, reducing complexity and enhancing effectiveness.

  • Pronto Biometrics

    Pronto Biometrics saves your officers on the frontline valuable time by delivering rapid, real-time capability to check fingerprints against national database records. Equipped with a mobile device installed with Pronto biometric software and a Home Office and FBI approved fingerprint device, an authorised user can quickly carry out a check on a subject.

  • Pronto Crash and Collision Reporting

    Pronto CRASH and Collision Reporting is designed to efficiently capture information at the scene of a collision, and integrate seamlessly with your own force collision reporting system as well as the national CRASH system. The data can be shared within and across police forces and other relevant organisations such as local authorities, highways departments and Highways Agency.

  • Pronto Electronic Witness Statement

    Pronto EWS enables officers to capture witness statements, associated information and images, in electronic format, at any location, at any time. The statement is able to be completed whether or not the statement taker is in or out of network coverage, and can be submitted wirelessly and immediately to the relevant case file and / or to partner agencies such as the CPS.

  • Pronto Roads Policing Module

    Road incident details collated by the police play an important role in highlighting issues found at collision sites, and trends in driver behaviours. This information is immensely valuable in helping to develop a collaborative approach to improving the safety of our roads and increasing the efficiency of roads policing – and for the information to be truly effective, it must be readily and rapidly available.

  • Pronto Stop and Search

    The use of stop and search is under scrutiny like never before – from the regulators, the media, and the public. Yet stop and search is a valuable operational tool in the fight against crime. To maintain public confidence, the stop and search process must be accountable, professional, and effectively managed.

  • Pronto Hosting Services

    Pronto Hosting Services provides police forces with all the powerful functionality, efficiency and mobility delivered by the Pronto suite of applications without the time, cost and resources associated with managing the supporting infrastructure.

  • Revolutionising The Work Of Frontline Officers In Scotland - Pronto Case Study

    Police Scotland’s frontline officers are equipped with mobile devices running Motorola Solutions Pronto software that enables them to access a wide range of police systems. This has freed up over 670,000 hours of officer time in the first year, so officers have much more time to serve their communities, dealing with incidents, supporting victims and focusing on crime prevention.

  • Transforming The Criminal Justice System - Pronto Case Study

    Greater digitalisation doesn’t just save processing and administration times. Better quality evidence, captured on electronic, error free forms, perhaps with photos embedded as evidence, greatly increases the likelihood of obtaining a conviction.

  • West Yorkshire Police Transforms Front-Line Policing - Pronto Case Study

    The Chief Officer Team (COT) for West Yorkshire Police conceived the Digital Mobile Policing programme to realise its vision of transforming policing with real-time access to information and the ability to complete business processes on mobile devices. Crucially, they needed a technology that would allow them to work offline even without any connectivity and synchronise data later.

  • Stories From The Frontline - Pronto Digital Policing

    Chief Inspector Ian Williams (a self-confessed semi technophobe) shares how West Yorkshire Police are breaking down barriers on their road to Digital Policing. Ian talks candidly about collaboration, culture, integration and security.

Pronto Features

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