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    • TETRA Radios - How do you choose between compact and mission-critical? Author: Mike Williams

      Published Jan 10 2019, 9:25 PM by Paul Jeffs

      Many of today’s radio users expect radios to be slim and lightweight. But won’t that mean compromising mission critical performance?

      As part of his VLOG series, Gert Jan Wolf recently interviewed my colleague Stuart Longley about the ST7500 Compact TETRA Radio. This interview shows, that in the case of the ST7500, there is no need to compromise mission-critical performance for compact design.

      Here are just a few highlights from the interview, in Stuart’s words:

      ’We don’t develop products in a vacuum, we’re always going out and speaking to our customers. And we always appreciate their feedback and use it to inform our roadmap. So it’s a combination of Motorola Solutions’ innovation and that voice of the customer data that’s really important to us to make sure we are meeting the market needs and doing things that customers really want us to do.’

      ‘…picking it up and using it without having had any training on this device. That’s one of the concepts behind it, that we don’t need to put people through complex training courses simply to pick up their radio and use it for their day to day tasks. It lets them focus on the tasks that are actually important to public safety officers, rather than worrying about the controls on their radio.’

      ‘It’s a fully waterproof radio, even with this back cover that’s removeable.’

      ‘There’s still a big opportunity out there for TETRA to grow as a Public Safety technology. There’s been lots of talk about broadband and how broadband’s going to change the landscape of Public Safety but people still need to talk to each other and narrowband radio technologies I believe still have a future.’

      Check out the complete interview on YouTube:

      ST7500 VLOG


      I hope you enjoyed watching the interview. It does show that there is no reason to compromise on mission-critical performance if you choose the right compact TETRA radio. You can find out more about the ST7500 radio at www.motorolasolutions.com/ST7500.


      Mike Williams         

      Mike is EMEA Solutions Marketing Manager at Motorola Solutions

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