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Live from B-APCO 2017 Author: Julian Foster

Created Mar 22 2017, 3:50 PM by Paul Jeffs

What a buzz at B-APCO! Let me share a taster in videos and pictures...

David Parry welcomes you to BAPCO and gives an introduction to what’s new this year:

‘Social Media in Public Safety – How Far Have We Come?’ was a presentation given by Chief Inspector Kerry Blakeman and myself. To demonstrate how useful social media is we actually live-streamed the session using Twitter’s Periscope. You can catch up with that here:

BAPCO live streaming...

It was all about Mobilising Intelligence..
..in a control room:

Control room

On the street:

On the street

And in a vehicle:

In the car

WAVE provides push-to-talk over LTE:


The Airwave Land Rover was there, ready to extend coverage wherever needed:

Airwave TETRA

You can find out more and keep up-to-date about our participation at www.motorolasolutions.com/bapco


Julian Foster


Julian Foster is Global Co-Lead for our Social Media Centre of Excellence.

Julian is on Linkedin




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