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Editor’s Highlights – Top 10 Think Public Safety blog posts of 2016

Created Dec 21 2016, 2:48 PM by Paul Jeffs

As the year comes to a close, it’s certainly been a busy one for the Think Public Safety blog. Big thanks to the 14 authors that have contributed over 31 new posts this year. I hope you have found them interesting. We have a firm readership with 37000 views in total of this year's posts so far.

I’d like to take this opportunity to share 10 of the most popular blog posts we’ve had as well as some of the key videos and resources they feature...

1. Top of the blogs, with over 2500 views is Danielle Doo’s post on Proven Design for Public Safety - When we are designing mission-critical equipment we really do listen to our customers. So it's them we should thank when we get recognised for product design excellence. Danielle explains how and why we've received lots of recognition with seven new awards for superior product design....

2. Sean Fitzgerald comes a close second with almost 2200 views of his post – Digital Radio Technology Can Turn Everyone into a Professional - All governments and public safety organisations are under pressure to improve efficiency and safety. Public Safety (emergency services) organisations are increasingly relying on volunteers to provide specialist functions. They need to be able to communicate with other volunteers and with the emergency services. How can radio technology help?

3. We had almost 2000 views of The Photo Blog – Critical Communications World This post focusing on CCW (this year’s most important event) covered many CCW subjects including the possibilities for the use of Augmented Reality in Command Centres and exciting new innovations for Mobile Intelligence.

4. Wearables Fit for Public Safety by Peta Spinks discussed the big trend for 2016 – wearables and how our vision for them is firmly focused on how they can be used to enhance the delivery of Public Safety.

5. Fire Ground Communications – Critical to Safety and Efficiency. Richard Russell reports on the unique communication requirements Fire and Rescue Services have as well as how, as of June 2017, radios and their accessories intended for use together will need to be approved as a system to achieve regulatory compliance. 

6. So What is ESN? Richard Thompson brings us up to date on 'ESMCP' and 'ESN' – the programme and network that will provide the next generation communication system for the 3 emergency services (police, fire and rescue, and ambulance) and other public safety users in the UK.

7. Transforming Public Safety Communications in Europe and Africa – David Parry discusses the results of our 2015 EA Public Safety Survey. It explains how Public Safety communications are being transformed and reveals how four key factors are influencing agencies of all sizes….

8. From Screen to Street – Staying Ahead of the Bad Guys. This post by David Parry explores how Public Safety is embracing technology to stay ahead of the bad guys. David had some examples from TV and the cinema in mind when he read an interview by IDG of Paul Steinberg, Motorola Solutions CTO…

9. TETRA Remains for the Road Ahead. Danielle Doo reports on the successful upgrade of the Isle of Man’s TETRA-based emergency communications system. She explains how it’s important to invest in the right technology to leverage investments in TETRA to prepare for the future.

10. Beyond the Connected Police Officer. Oliver Zuber explains how a transformation is happening in Public Safety - from reacting and responding to predicting and preventing…

I hope you enjoyed this round-up.

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Paul Jeffs - Editor - Think Public Safety.


Paul Jeffs is Public Safety Editorial Lead for Europe and Africa at Motorola Solutions.

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