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Entries » Blog » The Video Round-Up - PMRExpo 2016 Editor: Paul Jeffs

The Video Round-Up - PMRExpo 2016 Editor: Paul Jeffs

Created Nov 30 2016, 6:00 AM by Paul Jeffs

What got people talking at the show? The New TETRA pager and radio, WAVE, new support services, the Si500 Body Worn Video camera, or the Virtual Reality control room? These are just a few of the exciting innovations we've managed to film.

Let's take a look at my pick of the YouTube videos shot at the show.

Richard Bennett introduces the new TETRA two-way pager – ideal for firefighters, emergency personnel and healthcare workers..

Virtual Command Centre Future Concept
Danielle Doo gives us a run-through of this future concept and shows how it creates an immersive experience that can help the control operator understand what’s going on in the field.

WAVE Work Group Communications and Bluetooth
Paul Wilson demonstrates how WAVE Work Group Communications and Bluetooth can be used to connect different users and accessories..

Support and Managed Services
Dave Nichols gives us some insight into support and service packages available for communications infrastructure:

Si Series Video Speaker Microphone and Digital Evidence Management
Danielle Doo gives us a demo of the new Si500 combined Body Worn Video Camera and Remote Speaker Microphone.

What's new at PMRExpo 2016?
Christoph Thomas reveals the tech innovations being showcased by Motorola Solutions at this year's event. Including the new ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA Two-Way Pager, MTP6650 TETRA Portable radio, Virtual Reality Command Centre Demo, and more.

Want to catch up on all the videos from the show including the new product videos on the TPG2200 and the MTP6650? Catch the complete PMRExpo 2016 playlist here

Finally, if you want to catch up in German language take a look at our German Public Safety video playlist featuring PMRExpo 2016


Paul Jeffs is Public Safety Editorial Lead for Europe and Africa at Motorola Solutions.

Paul is on LinkedIn

Follow @MotSolsEMEA on Twitter and look out for #PMRExpo2016


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