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Entries » Blog » Lack of Network Performance: What It Means and How to Deal with It Author: Joycelyn Son

Lack of Network Performance: What It Means and How to Deal with It Author: Joycelyn Son

Created Oct 28 2016, 5:00 AM by Paul Jeffs

Imagine this. Your network has just been attacked by a destructive Trojan virus. Or perhaps your network has always been suffering from downtime but lately these cracks are becoming more pronounced.

When your network is not responsive, it is easy to assume the worst. You may fear that your network can no longer support your demands, or perhaps facing some obsolescence issues. While these are possible explanations, a host of other, more dramatic reasons could account for the network shutdown. We see the realities of network infiltration, cyber attacks, and phishing hitting the media constantly from organisations small and large who thought “we will be fine; it’s not going to happen to us”.

Take, for example a Fire and Rescue service who receives a call when a massive fire has broken out at an industrial estate somewhere. About 25 firefighters are dispatched and they need to communicate effortlessly to save lives. While they tackle the fire, dependency on the network to communicate amongst team members, is critical. Consider how you want your network to perform in this situation, especially given the potentially dire consequences of your firefighters not being able to communicate with their team leader or incident commander?

In another example we take a look at a Utility Oil and Gas organisation who found out that two of their staff had just fainted due to a poisonous gas leak in their facility. What if your network is down at the same time when you have just sent out 10 rescue workers to save them? Communication and coordination within the team for providing an effective rescue can be foiled. It could be catastrophic for organisations yet this could happen.

While these scenarios are fictional, they do demonstrate that network performance really does matter during critical moments. For many organisations, the network has become the lifeblood for safe and effective operations. The issues raised here are not small problems; they literally are the tip of the iceberg when you are facing sub-standard network performance. They also can intensify rapidly, especially when your need to communicate is as urgent as saving a life.

The best solution to determine what may be affecting your network performance is to identify what you can do to ensure that it is always working around the clock. There is no one-size that fits all, and for this reason we are offering Essential, Advanced and Premier Packages for Dimetra TETRA and ASTRO 25 systems so that our customers can easily select the solution that is designed to best meet their requirements.

Consider Essential package if you answer yes to any questions below:

  • Are you concerned with your network’s maintenance and support?
  • Are you worried about sudden cyber attacks infiltrating your network?
  • Are you troubled about unexpected downtime and repair costs?

Consider Advanced package if you answer yes to any questions below:

  • Are you concerned that your network can’t operate with greater efficiency and performance in the long run?
  • Are you worried about network obsolescence issues?
  • Are you troubled that your network is not monitored around the clock by specialised technicians?

Consider Premier package if you answer yes to any questions below:

  • Are you worried about managing your network’s risk and responsibility?
  • Are you thinking of transferring your network to someone else to manage?
  • Are you concerned with the limited resources and expertise you have managing your network?

For more information take a look at our YouTube video Managed & Support Services for Mission-Critical Networks

You can also visit our Communications Services page or come and chat to us at PMRExpo2016


Joyce Son is Marketing Manager, Solutions and Services Marketing

Joyce is on LinkedIn

Follow @MotSolsEMEA on Twitter and look out for #ThinkPublicSafety


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