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Entries » Blog » The Case For Dimetra TETRA System Upgrades Author: Robert D. Buethe

The Case For Dimetra TETRA System Upgrades Author: Robert D. Buethe

Created Aug 12 2016, 5:00 AM by Paul Jeffs

In 1989, ETSI Project TETRA was established. The aim of this technical committee was to deliver a set of open standards for a digital land mobile radio communications system. Motorola Solutions was a key contributor to the Project and built DimetraTM, a mission-critical land mobile radio (LMR) platform, to comply with the TETRA standard. Key to the success of TETRA has been its user-driven approach and the standard continues to evolve in accordance with user needs and priorities. In this blog series, we look at the past, present and future of mission-critical LMR systems and answer the most pressing questions being asked by radio users today.

You have spent a lot of time and resources to get your Dimetra system to where it is today. Your network is operating well, and your end users are happy with the performance and features of the radios. Why would you want to upgrade your system if everything seems to be working just fine?

Dimetra systems are modern IP based computer networks with similar maintenance requirements of most IT systems. CIOs and IT Directors around the world are accustomed to the pace of change for hardware, software, routers, gateways and servers, and have come to expect the need for a robust lifecycle plan to stay current and operating at peak efficiency. It is no different with a Dimetra system, for critically important reasons:

Improve Performance and Stability
In addition to hardware, your Dimetra system includes multiple software components, such as operating systems, drivers and interfaces, that are provided by different developers. Over time, developers release software patches to improve performance and stability. Upgrading to the latest Dimetra system software release gives you the benefits of the latest performance improvements, as well as compatibility and support that comes standard with the software of these vendors.

Access New Features and Capabilities
As networks have grown in size, complexity and cost, the days of installing a system, using it until it is obsolete, and then buying a replacement are past. The expectations of today’s radio user is rapidly changing, and Motorola Solutions continues to develop new features and solutions to respond to this demand. Your radio system needs to evolve to be ready to accept these enhancements. Fortunately, Dimetra systems are built on a modern IP platform with many of the newest capabilities enabled by easy-to-install software licenses. Keeping your system upgraded with the latest software gives you access to the broadest range of features and capabilities that can meet the demands of your users.

Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks
Cybercrime continues to rise and attackers are constantly evolving their methods. LMR networks are not immune to viruses nor malicious attacks. A strong security posture is required to protect your Dimetra system or you risk communication disruption or privacy invasions that can impact CAD, records, and any interconnected inter-agency radio systems that is configured for interoperability. LMR systems are no longer “closed networks” and every connection is a possible point of intrusion. Running the latest software versions with the latest commercial antivirus definitions and security patches is vital to protect against external attack. And if you haven’t conducted a policy update for a while, consider scheduling a cybersecurity professional risk assessment to further ascertain areas that require attention within your operations.

Control Total Cost of Ownership
By upgrading your Dimetra system to the latest system software release you can sign up for a sustainment program from Motorola Solutions which allows you to plan and control your spending and performance with a predictable budget. Such a program would allow you to get the most value from your network through regular technology updates, with no surprise support gaps or unplanned costs. Contact your Motorola Solutions representative for further information about our services.

Learn more about the importance of maintaining an updated network. Visit www.motorolasolutions.com/services for more information on how our services can help you or learn more about System Upgrades for Dimetra.

Robert D. Buethe is MSSSI Vice President Global Managed and Support Services

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