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Entries » Blog » Digital Radio Technology Can Turn Everyone Into A Professional Author Sean Fitzgerald

Digital Radio Technology Can Turn Everyone Into A Professional Author Sean Fitzgerald

Created Jul 29 2016, 5:00 AM by Paul Jeffs

All governments and public safety organisations are under pressure to improve efficiency and safety. Public Safety (emergency services) organisations are increasingly relying on volunteer organisations to provide specialist functions. These volunteers clearly need to be able to communicate, not only within their own teams, but with the emergency services too. How can radio technology help?

In the UK, Lowland Rescue has more than 1,800 highly trained volunteers who are called upon by local Police Search Advisors to provide search management and physical search for high-risk missing persons.

Kris Manning, chairman, Lowland Rescue, tell us “The Police Service is having to do more with less, and is becoming increasingly more reliant on professional volunteers. Developing mission critical communications solutions that bring our teams and hopefully other SAR (Search and Rescue) organisations onto a single, interoperable network is one of our responses to this challenge.

Lowland Rescue also has particular demands that other services may recognise. They need wide area communications between geographically distant teams to enhance mutual aid and increase resources for complex or intensive searches. They need enhanced location based services to better track and plan the movement of rescue team members. Since teams are often expected to operate in difficult physical environments and in poor weather conditions, the communications also need to be rugged, with exceptional audio clarity and secure transmission.

The solution? Lowland Rescue created LRnet, a cost-effective, high capacity, voice and data wide area communication solution based on a multi-site MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus system that joins Lowland Rescue’s individual sites across an IP network. LRnet deploys eight fixed MOTOTRBO DR 3000 repeaters with plans to extend to 16, and additional mobile repeaters fitted to incident control vehicles. This extends the current network from Cheshire in the north to the U.K.’s southern coast.

This is an excellent example of how new radio technology can make everyone a professional - improving both efficiency and user safety.

You can read the full story in our Lowland Rescue Case Study.


Sean Fitzgerald is Solutions Marketing Manager – Radio Products and Accessories, Europe and Africa.

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