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Entries » Blog » British-APCO 2016 - The Video Interviews Author: Jen Rolfe

British-APCO 2016 - The Video Interviews Author: Jen Rolfe

Created Apr 01 2016, 5:00 AM by Paul Jeffs


This year's show was buzzing. Everyone was talking about the new Emergency Services Network (ESN) for the UK and much more. 2016 clearly marks an exciting opportunity for public safety communications. We are pleased to share some short video interviews we shot during the show that we hope capture lots of the news and highlights.


Welcome to British APCO 2016 - David Parry gives us an overview of our participation in the show and some highlights such as our part in ESN, ESN transition services, CommandCentral Vault, TETRA and LTE devices and more...



Smart Public Safety Solutions and CommandCentral - Steve Beach explains the challenges facing Polices Forces today coping with the mass of information available in their control rooms and shares how solutions based around CommandCentral can enhance existing solutions to get the right intelligence to officers in the field in real time.


ESN - An Overview - John Muench is the Programme Director responsible for delivering User Services as part of the UK's new Emergency Services Network (ESN). John explains how User Services including network device and application testing and a service operations centre will contribute to the complete ESN solution.


G-Cloud Solutions - WAVE and DragonForce - Andy Gill explains what G-Cloud is and how it provides WAVE (PTT) and DragonForce (workforce collaboration) in 'Software as a Service' form to UK government users such as the Emergency Services.


British APCO 2016 - Highlights and Hot Topics - David Parry shares the highlights and hot topics from this year's B-APCO event - the buzz around ESN in the conference and the exhibition, the LEXL10 LTE Smartphone, WAVE, the new SI500 Smart Interface product (combining RSM and body-worn video camera), Airwave Pronto and coffee!



Thanks for watching. You can bookmark out BAPCO YouTube playlist to watch later or catch upon news from other news at the show on www.motorolasolutions.com/bapco or about ESN at www.motorolasolutions.com/esn



Jen Rolfe is Channel Marketing and Communications Manager for Europe and Africa.

Jen is on LinkedIn


Follow #BAPCO2016 #ESN, #ESMCP and @MotSolsEMEA on Twitter.


  • Hi - These videos are a disappointing opportunity missed by Motorola - having sat through 5 talking heads, during each one I was tempted to switch channels because they all failed to illustrate the products the 'talking head' was trying to interest us in.  Post production of the interviews, merely by adding some illustrative video of the products being described would have brought the story to greater reality, in effect making the sound a voice over.

    Motorola have missed the point of such opportunities by thinking that the customer is buying the salesman - (which may be good for the ego of the relevant managers), but doesn't use this medium to illustrate the products in a 'taster' format.


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