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Unlock public safety's greatest potential

Mobile Intelligence



A community patrol.
A call for help.
A suspect on the run.


The role of public safety is rapidly evolving in complexity. Every single second a massively interconnected world creates a growing flood of data. At a time when it is vital to know the latest information while simultaneously maintaining situational awareness, responders find it increasingly difficult to stay informed and keep safe.

Mobile Intelligence from Motorola Solutions is an open platform that brings together applications, devices and networks in powerful new ways. It unifies countless data sources to pinpoint what matters most, and it unlocks the greatest advantage public safety has – Intelligence.

By turning the flood of data into Mobile Intelligence, we help public safety professionals be better at everything they do. So they can do what matters most: protect our communities.

Extract intelligence from chaos

Find new insights and stay aware of the situation for better detection, prevention and response when applications use and contribute to the Mobile Intelligence common pool of shared data.

LMR Intelligent Middleware

A powerful set of services and applications that ensures seamless communications between your teams, regardless of their network or device.

Smart Public Safety Solutions

Transform your ever-growing data sources into a force multiplier enabling fast, accurate emergency response and crime prevention.

Two-way Radio Applications

Your world can be an unforgiving place. Make sure your systems are protected, two-way radios are up-to-date and your teams have access to the information they need. Regardless of the situation they face.

Stay Focused

Perform your duties easier and faster with Mobile Intelligence providing consistent app usability. Aware devices understand your situation, automatically initiate tasks and share information with others to improve safety and awareness.

LTE Devices

Whether it is high-priority broadband data or streaming real-time video, an urgent dispatch update or interoperable push-to-talk, our growing portfolio of Public Safety LTE infrastructure, devices, and services allows you to make use of this advanced mobile broadband technology – today.

Project 25 Radios

Mission-critical radio products, purpose-built for First Responders and businesses who cannot compromise. The legendary APX series of radios combines sophisticated technology with incredible toughness and precise ergonomic controls.

Public Safety Experience

Connect to your environment, share information and make our cities safer with the Public Safety Experience.

Own the Moment

Gain voice and data versatility with Mobile Intelligence combining Land Mobile Radio (LMR) with LTE Broadband to create a network of networks, applications that select the best available system and portable networks small enough to carry in your hand so you can stay in constant contact.

Project 25 (P25) Systems

Behind every radio is the strength of the system infrastructure and ASTRO 25 is designed to support both your day-to-day operations and the critical incidents when every call must get through.

Public Safety LTE

Get the most out of a world that offers richer real-time information with a complete ecosystem that encompasses Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks, smart applications, purpose-built, intuitive devices and comprehensive services.

Voice And Data Applications

Ensure seamless reliability, even if you select a specialized device for each employee, for the ultimate enterprise-wide communications solution.







Mobile Intelligence

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