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Project 25 (P25) Systems

Your Lifeline
to a Successful



Reliable communication is crucial for effective operations and for the safety of your team and those you serve. Trust ASTRO® 25 mission-critical networks to deliver…

Always Available Communications ...

  • Protect against disruption with multiple layers of resilience
  • Secure your communications from eavesdroppers and hackers
  • Know you have the coverage and capacity where and when you need it most

New Jersey weathers Superstorm Sandy.

... Interoperable Collaboration ...

  • Gain the advantages of Project 25 (P25) standards compliance
  • Collaborate across disparate P25 and broadband networks
  • Keep everyone more informed with voice, text, location and data across applications

Michigan goes statewide
with public safety interoperability.

... and a Future-ready Platform.

  • Make it your own with the flexibility of a software-defined platform
  • Add more control and efficiency with software applications
  • Converge P25 and broadband for seamless voice and data

ASTRO 25 Network Configurations

From a single site to statewide coverage, ASTRO 25's software-defined platform gives you the scalability to grow as your needs expand.

Single Site

Site Equipment

Statewide / Regional

Trunking & Conventional

A complete Project 25 (P25) solution

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Broadband Connectivity Package

Connect your ASTRO 25 system to FirstNet for easy, quick nationwide push-to-talk. 

WAVE Work Group Communications

Securely connect users across ASTRO 25 and broadband networks.

ASTRO 25 Security

Secure your communications and the information it carries.

Smart Public Safety Solutions

Call taking, dispatch and intelligent software for your command center operations.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Monitor your infrastructure to improve efficiency and extend the life of your assets.