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WAVE Work Group Communications

Unified Communications Between Your Devices And Networks

Connect your disparate networks to WAVE's PTT platform, so you can communicate between smartphones, radios, computers or landlines.

'WAVE has been a critical component in helping us solve our communications challenge.'

Eric Carter | Homeland Security Grants Manager | Fort Worth Office of Emergency Management

Leverage Broadband

Bring secure push-to-talk to the smart devices your team is already using.

Integrate Networks

Connect radio systems together for better real-time coordination and response.

Use Any Device

Freely communicate on the device that suits you best, from virtually any location.

Team Communications

Only Motorola Solutions can take your communications further. Link WAVE broadband devices to your trusted radio system so each member of your team can use the device right for their responsibility and workplace.

'I could be at home, at work, or out in the field and we’re all able to communicate on one solution.'

John Rono | Business Technology Services | Connexus Energy

WAVE OnCloud

WAVE OnCloud is a subscription-based, push-to-talk application that enables your team to talk between smartphones, computers and MOTOTRBO radios without the traditional on-premise equipment. Connect instantly, affordably with WAVE OnCloud.

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Industries:   Hospitality  •   LTE Service Providers  •   Manufacturing  •   Military & Defense  •   Public Safety  •   Transportation & Logistics •   Utilities

How Can WAVE Help You?

Whether you're serving people or saving them...

WAVE makes it possible for your teams in the field or in the office, to communicate and collaborate effectively through voice and data – securely, reliably and in real-time – regardless of network, carrier or device.




Better Service, From Anywhere

Better service requires better connectedness. WAVE connects your smartphones, computers and radios onto a single platform so you can freely communicate and collaborate on the device that suits you best from virtually any location. From housekeeping to security to administration, your employee base is only a touch away.


Learn how you can connect staff and improve productivity with Motorola's Hospitality solutions.


Be Prepared for the big event

Improve communication between entertainers, caterers and other outside contractors. WAVE allows you to set up temporary licenses for contractors so they can talk on your communications channels using their current devices. And at the end of the job, those accounts can be quickly deactivated, with no need to organize the return of radios and accessories.


Increase Operational Efficiency

Lower infrastructure costs by leveraging the devices your employees already have in place. Not all employees (or workplaces) need two-way radios. For those that don’t, WAVE can be placed on the same smart device they use for tasks like work order tickets, reducing costs and allowing employees to open and close tickets and work more efficiently.

Learn How Hospitality Customers Are Using WAVE


LTE Service Providers


Increase Revenues and Customer Retention

Provide your customers with a high-performance broadband PTT solution so their teams can communicate instantly and effectively. WAVE offers advanced features such as emergency calls, user prioritization and scan lists, allowing you to provide the best user experience to your customers.



Unlock New Customer Bases

Attract LMR customers looking to extend and augment their network with a broadband PTT solution that features Motorola’s best-in-class LMR integration. With WAVE, you can offer your customers a truly unified PTT experience across LMR and LTE.

unrivaled reliability. sub-second call performance. crisp voice quality.

WAVE 7000 allows you to offer customers a unified experience across LMR and LTE to keep their teams connected no matter the network.





Faster Communications. Increased Operational Efficiency.

When production goes down, every second counts. WAVE’s unified PTT allows line workers to instantly talk with supervisors whether they’re short on raw materials or simply have a question on procedure. The result is quicker communications and a more efficient workforce.



One Device For All Your Communication Needs

Plant managers, production supervisors, engineering workers and other employees who primarily use smart devices for their work can stay connected to your radio system without the need to carry two devices. Extend push-to-talk to your smartphones, laptops, tablets and PC’s, so your employee base stays connected no matter their device. By leveraging the existing devices and networks you already have in place, you maximize the value of your investments and improve your bottom line.

Military & Defense


Communicate between bases and branches

Units from the various military bases and branches are often unable to reliably talk to each other, forcing liaisons in the operation centers to coordinate and disseminate even the most basic information. WAVE provides a unified communications platform, facilitating better real-time coordination.



Stay Connected, Wherever

Domestically or overseas, on the ground or in the air, units and commanders stay connected for greater awareness and faster decision making.

Operation: Connecting Teams

Read Motorola’s step-by-step guide for the planning, design, implementation, management and optimization of unified tactical and installation security communications environments.



Secure, every step of the way

JITC-certified, WAVE is trusted by many of the top military organizations worldwide to provide secure voice and data communications.

Learn How Military & Defense Customers Are Using WAVE


Public Safety

Simple, Interoperable Communications

WAVE provides a communications architecture that eliminates barriers between different radio and broadband communications networks. Police, fire, EMS, and any other work partners can all communicate over PTT with WAVE, no matter what radio or broadband device they use. Add neighboring communities to your system for interoperable communications across borders, eliminating the need for multiple radios and facilitating better real-time coordination.

Stay Connected In Any Situation

WAVE’s PTT over smartphone or desktop devices keeps you connected across a variety of situations. Command Staff who don’t require a radio can leverage their existing smart devices to communicate over broadband networks. Chiefs and supervisors can listen in from off-site or at home to never miss a moment. Or undercover personnel can use WAVE’s unobtrusive application to communicate discreetly with others. No matter the situation, WAVE provides instant, real-time communications to keep your operations running smoothly for safer, faster incident response.  


Learn how public safety communications are transforming in the 2015 Public Safety Industry Survey.

Smart Data For Smarter Operations

WAVE’s optional real-time location tracking gives you greater visibility to your entire operation. Supervisors and command staff see an improved real-time view of resources for increased situational awareness and better decisions. Integrated messaging provides a way to minimize radio traffic and provide quick reference information in loud or discrete environments. The result is faster and more coordinated responses, smarter decisions and safer outcomes.

Learn How Public Safety Customers Are Using WAVE


Transportation & Logistics

Stay Connected for Optimized Fleet Management

With increasing demand for faster, more on-time service, WAVE connects your entire workforce to a single communications platform. Notify personnel of last-minute delivery changes or alerts by maintaining radio communications, even outside your radio network. Whether on the road, in the air, or in an office, WAVE provides a unified communication platform between radio and broadband networks to enhance service levels inside and outside of your organization by ensuring that operations are on time and efficient.



Increase Asset Visibility

Use WAVE integrated voice and data for visibility into what your mobile workforce is doing and where they are. Real-time location mapping gives you immediate access to critical data for improved decision making.


More Efficient Operations for a better bottom line

Turn your desktops, laptops and smartphones into push-to-talk devices to increase your communications capabilities while minimizing costs. Many employees who do not carry radios would still gain value from connecting to your radio system. WAVE bridges the gap for these users, connecting the devices they already use to your network to ensure that operations are on time and efficient.

Learn How Transportation & Logistics Customers Are Using WAVE



Stay Connected For A Safer, More Efficient Workforce

Whether you’re a supervisor on the road or a director at a conference, WAVE’s smartphone app keeps you connected to your workforce. Seamless information flow across grid and plant operations results in faster customer service and safer operations.

Use Your Current Devices For A Better Bottom Line

Turn your desktops, laptops and smartphones into push-to-talk devices to increase your communications abilities without increasing costs.  Remote knowledge workers can use the computers and smart devices already in place to communicate directly with the plant personnel using WAVE . By leveraging the existing device and networks you already have in place, you maximize the value of your investments and improve your bottom line.


The best system for the worst occasions

When all else fails, your communications can’t. WAVE allows you to leverage all of your available networks, whether broadband or radio, increasing redundancy. With WAVE’s interoperable platform you can connect all of your work partners onto a single system to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

Learn How Utilities Customers Are Using WAVE

WAVE Mobile Communicator

Transform any smartphone into a secure, multi-channel push-to-talk device with the WAVE Mobile Communicator to extend your communications and enable better collaboration among teams.

Learn More

  • WAVE Mobile Communicator Data Sheet

    Extend push-to-talk (PTT) communication by enabling Android and Apple iOS devices to instantly communicate with two-way radio and other broadband users.

  • WAVE Mobile Communicator Fact Sheet

    The WAVE Mobile Communicator extends push-to-talk communications by enabling smartphones and other specialty devices to securely communicate with any other communication systems over broadband networks.

WAVE Desktop Communicator

Learn how to enhance communications with WAVE Desktop Communicator, a feature-rich software application that allows office-based or mobile workers to use desktop or laptop PCs to monitor, transmit and receive audio from multiple communication systems.

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WAVE Advanced Desktop Communicator

See how you can transform your dispatch operations with WAVE Advanced Desktop Communicator, a powerful software application designed to provide many of the capabilities needed by public safety, military and critical infrastructure organizations.

Learn More

WAVE Thin Clients

Communicate with WAVE via your favorite web browser or messaging clients.

Learn More

All Your Favorite Accessories. No Worries.

Enhance your communications experience with an extensive network of PTT accessories tested to work flawlessly with the WAVE Mobile Communicator.*


Klein Electronics


Stone Mountain™

NOTE: As many accessory manufacturers implement push-to-talk events differently, we have tested compatibility of the WAVE Mobile Communicator with some of the most popular headsets; however, Motorola Solutions can not certify the quality of third-party accessories. We recommend that users first test headsets in a controlled, non-critical environment to orient themselves with the WAVE Mobile Communicator and specific device interactions.

Videos And Overview Demos

WAVE Infrastructure

  • WAVE OnCloud Data Sheet

    Extend push-to-talk (PTT) communication by enabling Android and Apple iOS devices to instantly communicate with two-way radio and other broadband users.

  • WAVE 5000 Data Sheet

    WAVE 5000 enables highly scalable, feature rich, enterprise grade push-to-talk (PTT) on broadband networks and devices so that critical, time-sensitive information flows quickly and securely between mobile workers, teams and citizens. From two-way radios

  • WAVE 7000 Product Brochure

    Whether on a consumer smartphone, a ruggedized handheld or a two-way radio, WAVE 7000 offers a secure, optimized PTT experience. WAVE 7000 is designed with a roadmap to meet 3GPP Release 13 standards called "Mission Critical PTT” for high-availability PTT over LTE.

WAVE Clients

  • WAVE Advanced Desktop Communicator Data Sheet

    Using a laptop computer and a microphone-equipped headset, an Advanced Desktop Communicator lets an operator create and manage a large number of communications channels, create and tear down patches between channels, manage user access to Channels, access radio alarms and use radio IDs to identify individual radios and users.

  • WAVE Desktop Communicator Data Sheet

    Desktop Communicator allows office-based or mobile workers to use their desktop or laptop PC to monitor, transmit, and receive audio from multiple communication systems such as two-way radio networks and telephones.

  • WAVE Mobile Communicator Data Sheet

    The WAVE Mobile Communicator extends push-to-talk communications by enabling smartphones and other specialty devices to securely communicate with any other communication systems over broadband networks.

  • WAVE Mobile Communicator FAQ

    This FAQ highlights new aspects and how to use key features of the new WAVE Mobile Communicator.

  • WAVE Mobile Communicator Fact Sheet

    A one page overview of the WAVE Mobile Communicator and the new features included in the latest release.

Customer Stories

  • Alabama School District Drives Greater Safety Across The County

    Elmore County Public Schools sought a better way to connect their schools and bus fleet to improve student safety and accountability. MOTOTRBO, WAVE and GPS tracking helped to unify their communications and personnel.

  • The Canadian Pacific Police Service Extends Its Reach To Connect Over 14,000 Miles Of Rail

    Communications are critical to the Canadian Pacific Police Service (CPPS). They must be in contact with trains and personnel on the ground at all times. Yet the enormous scope of the railway’s operations caused significant communication issues. CPPS needed a push-to-talk (PTT) solution that would span this vast expanse. WAVE provided a communications interoperability platform for push-to-talk over various cellular networks – in both the U.S. and Canada – and over Wi-Fi networks that were already in place.

  • US Border Patrol Develops Large-Scale Interoperability Solutions with WAVE

    The Border Patrol achieved broad-reaching interoperability by leveraging the capabilities of WAVE software to create a converged communications solution empowering better coordination with local, state, tribal and other federal agencies to intercept terrorists, drug traffickers and illegal immigrants.

White Papers & Industry Resources

  • The New Voice of the Enterprise: Broadband Push-to-Talk White Paper

    Push-to-talk (PTT) is no longer a technology-driven term, it is an enterprise-wide capability. It enables teams to communicate instantly, reliably and productively together to improve business and elevate service. Today, broadband networks and devices are so ubiquitous, that any worker can be connected to any device in their pocket or on their desk with real-time communications through PTT. With interoperable broadband PTT, everyone can become part of the conversation without concern about which device or network they use.

  • Top Six Priorities For Unified Communications

    The 2016 Motorola Commercial Survey offers revealing insights into unified communication trends in a variety of industries across the U.S. and Canada. These ranged from manufacturing to utilities to K-12 education.