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M5F Front Camera

This high-resolution front-facing camera captures accurate video for evidence and analytics


M5D Control Panel

This intuitive system interface gives you fast and easy access to everything you need


M5P Cabin Camera

This discreet interior camera captures high-resolution video evidence, day or night


Store and analyze critical video evidence

The heart of your in-car system, the M500 Core is a sophisticated video platform designed for future growth. Its powerful processor executes analytics algorithms that protect and inform you, while its dual-drive architecture gives you the flexibility you need to store and backup critical video evidence.

What's inside

Neural-net CPU

Neural-net CPU for video processing and analytics

1TB storage

1TB of automotive-grade video storage


Flexible multi-resolution video storage and upload

Impact detection and UPS

Impact detection + UPS for uninterrupted recording

Lockable USB

Lockable USB drive, for security and flexibility

Easy to install

Compact form factor for ease of installation

Product overview

Powerful processing

The M500 Core is a powerful video engine. Designed around a neural network architecture featuring multiple CPUs, it has the horsepower to process multiple video streams simultaneously. Whether you’re capturing critical video evidence or driving life-saving analytics, M500 delivers.

Intelligent storage

With 1TB of storage, the M500 Core easily accommodates multi-day Record-After-the-Fact performance. And using its powerful video processing, it stores incidents in 4 streams: cropped and panoramic views, each in high and standard resolutions.


Law enforcement vehicles have a tough life - and your in-car video system needs to be ready for anything. Accelerometers within the M500 Core immediately sense a collision, and switch to an inbuilt supercap UPS. Your M500 will continue to record, preserving vital video evidence.

Completely integrated

With WiFi and optional wireless broadband connectivity, the M500 Core connects seamlessly to CommandCentral Evidence Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS). You can also group the M500 with V300 police body cameras, for group recording and synchronized playback.

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M500 datasheet

Specifications of the M500 in-car video system

M500 brochure

M500 brochure

Overview of the M500
in-car video system

Platform for the Future Video

The M500 is a high-power platform for the future

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M500 system

M500 System

A groundbreaking leap forward in awareness, safety, and efficiency

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M5F front camera

M5F Front Camera

This high-resolution camera captures accurate video for evidence and analytics

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M5D control panel

M5D Control Panel

This intuitive control head features an ultra-high resolution touchscreen

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M5P cabin camera

M5P Cabin Camera

This interior camera captures high-resolution video and audio, day or night

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