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Your lifeline to a successful mission

Project 25 (P25) Systems offers reliable communications for the safety
of your team and those you serve.

The ASTRO® 25 advantage

When lives are on the line, effective coordination of your teams is essential.
Make sure you choose a communication system that won't let you down.

Interoperable collaboration

Keep everyone connected, across Project 25 (P25) and broadband networks, with voice, text, location and data.


Keep your options open with the flexibility of a software-defined platform. Add control and efficiency with software applications.

Always available

Protect against disruption with extreme reliability, multiple layers of resilience, and managed failover.

Private, secure

Secure your communications from eavesdroppers and hackers. Deliver encryption and privacy with remote key management.

Flexible, scalable

Deliver coverage and capacity where you need it most. ASTRO 25 systems scale from local system to complete statewide networks.

Complete solution

From core and site equipment, to dispatch and software, to radios and accessories, we can build your entire system.

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The complete P25 solution

Looking for more than just components?

With our portfolio of radios, dispatch solutions, services, and applications,
we can build you a complete communication system.


When lives depend on you, you need a mission-critical communications device in your hand. APX radios exist for this purpose.

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Maintain mission-critical performance with our service packages. We offer everything from light-touch support to full network management.

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Add intelligence to your system. Everything from tracking solutions to keep your personnel safe, to software to keep your radio fleet secure.

Explore applications

Protect your system with proactive threat detection and real-time response.



Always available

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Michigan goes statewide with public safety interoperability.

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Converge P25 and broadband for seamless voice and data.

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A Safer, Better Connected City of Chattanooga.

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The City of Virginia Beach Modernizes Communication to Strengthen Public Safety

How does the Project 25 standard encourage innovation?

ASTRO®25 mission-critical data. Your lifeline for successful missions.

Interested in learning more about our end-to-end solutions?

The jobs that our first responders do are critical, and they need to have state-of-the art equipment at their disposal.

Matt Arvay

CIO, City of Virginia Beach

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