CommandCentral Aware

Strengthen every response with real-time cloud-based situational awareness for a common operating picture combining map-based intelligence plus streaming mobile and fixed video.

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Real-time, data-driven situational intelligence

Remotely see incidents as they unfold to inform the response on the ground. Bring critical data into a single view with real-time mapping of responders, incidents, alerts, and license plate recognition (LPR) detections alongside streaming in-car and fixed video.

Act with context and confidence

Rapidly bring every incident response into focus with the real-time data, alerts, and video you need for enhanced situational intelligence that improves decision making, streamlines responses, and protects responders on the scene.

Map responses with clarity and connectivity

Respond with precision by bringing data from the field into the CommandCentral Aware map and adding that data over customizable GIS layers that make it easy to see how and where the incident is unfolding in real time.

Maximise the power of video

Realize unprecedented visibility of a scene with real-time and historical video including in-car video and fixed video in a single operational view with easy evidentiary tagging and storing. Add existing cameras from any video management system and access public feeds.

Increase situational awareness for large events

Add situational awareness to real-time crime centers (RTCC), Triple Zero Call Center and Dispatch centers, emergency operation centers (EOC), and major event management with a unified map that helps to coordinate multi-agency responses for a more efficient, streamlined, confident response.

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